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Sprint Launches Mobile Speed and Price War with LTE Plus

By Kevin / November 20, 2015
Sprint launches LTE Plus, wireless speed and price war


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Sprint just announced the launch of its LTE PLUS Network, and with it also started a new wireless service speed and price war. They are even willing to pay fees for switchers.* So, if you are looking for faster and cheaper, act now.

The LTE Plus network is available in 77 cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Miami, and Austin. And connection speeds promise to 100 megabits per second or faster. Which means you will be getting ethernet fast connections over your cell phone.

Sprint's Prices Compared to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

Sprint is pretty excited about their new blazing fast network. To celebrate, and to convince you to join the party, Sprint is offering 50 percent off of T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T rate plans!

And, even if you are currently under a contract with another wireless provider, Sprint will cover your fees to switch, up to $650 per line.*

Hurry! This deal runs from November 20, 2015, to January 7, 2016. And, once you lock it in, Sprint guarantees your pricing will remain in place until January 8, 2018.

To help you visualize just how much money you can save, Sprint provided some handy graphics. ​

Savings Compared to Verizon

Sprint vs. Verizon Wireless Rate Plans

Example: Verizon customers paying $80 for 12GB of data will pay $40 for 12GB if they switch to Sprint, and they will save 50 percent on the access fee, too.

Savings Compared to AT&T

Sprint vs AT&T Wireless Rate Plans

Example: A family paying $100 for 15GB at AT&T can get the same amount of data for $50 if they switch to Sprint. Customers also save 50 percent on the access fee.

Savings Compared to T-Mobile

Sprint vs T-Mobile Mobile Rate Plans

Example: T-Mobile offers 10GB for $80 per month. T-Mobile customers switching to Sprint can get unlimited talk and text with the same amount of data for $40 per month and that’s with high-speed for your video at Sprint.

What About Existing Customers?

According to Sprint's press release:

"To reward existing customers for their loyalty, Sprint is offering a free tablet with one year of free service with a two-year contract3, while supplies last. A $360 value, this will make a great holiday gift."​

So even if you are already with Sprint, you get to take advantage of not only the faster LTE speeds, but also get a nice bonus for your loyalty.

Is LTE Plus Available in My City

Sprint did not announce a timeline to extend LTE Plus beyond the initial 77 cities shown below. But if you are not currently covered, hopefully, you soon will be.

Sprint LTE Plus Markets

Original Markets for Sprint's LTE Plus Network

This is Really Blazing Fast. Can I Drop Cable?

There are going to be a lot of people looking at the low prices and blazing fast speeds offered by Sprint and wondering if they can just drop cable. It is a pretty tempting option. I know I hate my cable company, and love putting more money in my pocket.

The only question is if Sprint will conquer to world by launching not only a mobile speed and price war against the wireless service providers, but the cable internet providers too?

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