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How To Get The New iPhone for $0

By Kevin / September 30, 2016
how to get the latest iPhone for free


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This article is for you, if you want to learn how to upgrade to the latest iPhone for FREE. Every year.

Why would you need to find out how to pay $0 for the iPhone 7?:

  • Your current smartphone has no trade-in value; or
  • You want the latest device, but are not interested in switching carriers to take advantage of a deal; or
  • You want to learn how to upgrade every year for no additional cost.

Why Not Use Carrier $0 Deals?

Sometime, wireless carriers will offer deals to get you to switch - including letting you buy the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for $0. 

​The problem with these deals is that they usually come with a catch:

  • Catch #1: You must trade in a recent (usually less than 2 years old) iPhone that is already paid off.
  • Catch #2: You must not be an existing customer.
  • Catch #3: Existing customers need to get a new phone number to take advantage.

Personally, I do not want to switch carriers because only AT&T gets good reception in my part of town.

If you don't want to switch carriers because of reception issues, don't have a valuable trade-in, or don't want a new phone number ... here is how to upgrade to the newest iPhone for free - every year.

How To Upgrade Your Phone for Free

With this plan, you will:

  • Own an unlocked phone from day one
  • Not have to come out of pocket for a huge downpayment on day one
  • And be able to upgrade every year for no additional cost

Step #1: Get a 0% APR Card

We are assuming you do not have a phone you can re-sell for $650. If you do skip this step.

​If you don't, do not worry. You will have a phone you can re-sell next year for the price you pay today! 

In the meantime, you will want to pay for your new iPhone in small monthly interest-free installment​s. Not one big lump sum.

And not with carrier financing that limits your ability to re-sell your phone for top dollar.

​Need help finding a 0% APR offer on new purchases? Just check out our list of card offering you zero percent APR financing.

Step #2: Buy an Unlocked Smartphone

It turns out unlocked iPhones (i.e., phones not restricted to any one carrier) retain a lot of value. A by a lot, I mean all.

Go check out Craigslist. You will see that last year's iPhone re-sell for their original purchase price.

If you pay in full, up front, most carriers will sell you the phone unlocked. If your carrier will not, Apple is happy to do so. 

So buying an unlocked phone is no obstacle.​

Ready to Buy the Latest iPhone?

If you are ready to purchase your new iPhone, and want to help out this site, please use one of our links:

Upgrade for Free Every Year

If you buy the base iPhone 7 for $650, you should be able to sell it for $650 next year.

That allows you to pay cash for next year's iPhone. Without having to come out of pocket again.

Just remember to pay off your zero percent APR offer before it expires to avoid interest costs.

Now you are ready to upgrade your iPhone every year for free.

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