Wings Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

The Verdict: The Wings Visa Platinum card is a good choice for most members of the credit union. It offers excellent benefits like a full range of travel and shopping advantages, no hidden fees for balance transfers, and no annual fee. This card also has a very low, fixed rate of 8.9%. This credit card is perfect for cardholders who want a simple credit card for purchases, or those who are interested in transferring balances.

Overview: Wings Financial offers two credit cards to members, although the Platinum card is their elite version. This card has a full range of travel and shopping benefits, no annual fee and a very low fixed rate that applies to purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. While it doesn’t earn rewards, this Platinum card is good for most consumers that want a low-interest credit card for large or infrequent purchases.

How These Cards Work: This Platinum Visa is accepted worldwide through the Visa network. There is a 25-day grace period with this credit card. To avoid all interest charges, cardholders may pay their purchase balance in full within this time period. The minimum monthly payment is 3% of the balance, with a minimum of $10. The cardholder may be put into default if any of the following occur: line-of credit is exceeded, membership is canceled, adverse reevaluation of credit, bankruptcy, or misrepresentation in connection with the account.

Travel & Shopping Benefits: The Wings Visa Platinum card includes many travel and shopping benefits for cardholders. Discounts are available at a variety of merchants and the card includes purchase security to protect against theft or damage. Fraud protection is provided through Verified by Visa, which allows the cardholder to protect their card with a password to use while shopping online. Rental car insurance and travel accident insurance up to $1,000,000 is included to cover cardholder, spouse and children under 25 when tickets are purchased with the card. The warranty manager service, on the other hand, doubles all manufacturer’s repair warranties up to an extra year if the warranty is three years or less. Emergency travel assistance is included, along with 24 hour roadside assistance and concierge services.

Fees: There is no annual fee for the Wings Visa Platinum card. The APR is a fixed 8.90%, which applies to balance transfers, cash advances and purchases. There are no fees for balance transfers or cash advances. There is a foreign transaction fee of 0.80% to 1.0%. A returned payment or late payment incurrs a fee up to $25, although there is no over limit fee. Statement copies are $2, copy of charge slips are $2 and a replacement card costs $10. There may be fees to access ATMs for a balance inquiry or transaction.


  • No annual fee
  • Fixed APR of 8.90% for all transactions
  • Many travel and shopping benefits
  • No fees for balance transfers and cash advances
  • No penalty APR


  • Must be a member of Wings Financial
  • No rewards

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