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WorldPerks Signature Visa by US Bank Review

By Kevin / December 12, 2008
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This card is no longer offered. For our current recommendations for travel rewards cards, check out this Guide:

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The WorldPerks Visa is a really great credit card for people who enjoy travel and especially flying because of the enormous amount of travel perks that this card has to offer. It has one of the best frequent flyer and travel perks packages available, as well as hotel and car rental discounts.


The WorldPerks Visa has an excellent frequent flyer program for anyone that loves to travel and save money while booking trips and flights.

Earning Northwest Airlines WorldPerks valuable miles with every single purchase that is made is one of the best reasons for consumers to carry this card. Direct purchases made from Northwest Airlines earn double miles without a cap on how many miles that can be earned.

How this card works:

When you make your first purchase with this card there will be 20,000 enrollment bonus miles awarded to you. After you start using the card for purchases there will be one mile earned for every one dollar spent. When you use the card for purchases, the amount will be charged to your account and you will accumulate WorldPerks miles for every one of the purchase dollars.

The WorldPerks Signature Visa by US Bank carries no preset spending limit for consumers with outstanding credit and payment history. This should not be confused for an allowance of unlimited amount of spending; it is simply a bonus for consumers with a good history of payments to enjoy the control of having no limits. Also, there are no limits to the amount of miles that you can earn.

Any time that you purchase Northwest Airline tickets, WorldClubs memberships or Northwest gift certificates directly from Northwest Airlines, there will be two miles earned on your WorldPerks Signature Visa credit card. So, it is beneficial to buy your tickets from them instead of a travel agent.

Travel and shopping benefits:

This elite credit card, the WorldPerks Visa Signature card, is primarily designed for travelers. Upon enrollment and first purchase using your credit card there will be 20,000 free bonus miles that will be applied to your account. Two award tickets per year can be redeemed with a discount of 6,000 miles per ticket exclusively for card members for only 19,000 miles.

Another great bonus that the WorldPerks Signature Visa card offers for travelers is the free day on any 3 day weekend car rental from National Car Rental, along with a complimentary membership into the Emerald Club and up a 15% savings. Also included is 24 hour concierge service and up to $1,000,000 for travel accident insurance.

With the WorldPerks Visa Signature there is another wonderful benefit included and is a free membership into the Hideaways AficionadoÆ Club. Stay at the best resorts, hotels and villas while paying preferred rates and enjoying many VIP perks, such as free room upgrades and late check out. Also included with the membership are spa treatments, greens fees and exclusive beach dinners. All of this together, along with a subscription to the Hideaways Life newsletter, is estimated to be about $135 a year value.


There is a $90 annual fee associated with the WorldPerks Visa Signature by US Bank. Annual percentage rate for purchases and balance transfers as of today are 14.75% with the delinquency rate of 28.99%. This rate will be charged if your account becomes over 15 days past due or is over limit more than twice in a twelve month time period. The cash advance and balance transfer fees are both three percent of any transaction amount, with a five dollar minimum.

Additionally, it is worth noting that if at any point that any of your other creditors report that you have been delinquent with them, US Bank has the right to increase the APR on the WorldPerks Visa Signature credit card. In fact, they are allowed, per the card member agreement, to change any of the terms, fees and APRs in accordance with any applicable laws.


  • Abundance of beneficial incentives for travelers.
  • Online account management to check miles earned and to make bill payments.
  • Generous 20,000 miles given as enrollment bonus, plus one point per dollar spent is earned.
  • Exceptional benefits for travelers that normally fly with Northwest.


  • $90.00 annual fee.
  • There is a chance of an increase in your APR according to your payment history with US Bank or any of your other creditors as seen on your credit report.
  • APR will be raised to 28.99% if your credit card account is delinquent for 15 calendar days.
  • APR will be raised to 28.99% if your account has been over limit more than two times during a twelve month period.
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