Citibank Shell Gas Rewards Visa Credit Card Review

Shell Credit Card Review

[#shell_credit_Review#] Verdict: Shell has two different credit cards: a gas station card and a Mastercard.

Both have a very limiting rebate program that make them almost worthless, considering you have much better options.


Gas station credit cards are nothing new. All promise to save you money on gasoline, and most have confusing or lackluster reward programs.

Shell actually has two different credit cards for consumers, including:

  • The standard no annual fee Shell card that can only be used at Shell gas stations and some Jiffy Lube stores; and
  • The Shell Platinum Select Mastercard.

Drive For Five Shell Card

The standard Shell branded card, called the “Drive For Five” card, is the one that receives the most advertising. This card has no annual fee and it can only be used at Shell and some Jiffy Lubes.

The rewards program is a little tricky, however, and it works a lot like the ExxonMobil Smart Card. You must purchase at least 45 gallons in a month to earn any rewards, at which point you’ll get a statement credit of $0.05 per gallon — but only on the first 100 gallons every month.

Citi Shell Platinum Select Mastercard

The Citi Shell Platinum Select card can be used for everyday expenses and it also earns gas rebates. The rewards are a bit better with this card, but you must spend quite a bit to earn anything.

With the Shell Platinum Select card, you must spend at least $500 in a billing cycle to be eligible for gas savings, at which point you get a statement credit of at least $0.10 per gallon on the first 100 gallons of Shell gasoline you purchase.

The amount of your credit depends on how much you spend in the billing cycle:

  • $500-$999.99 gets a $0.10/gallon credit
  • $1,000-$2,499.99 gets a $0.15/gallon credit
  • At least $2,500 gets a $0.20/gallon credit

Is It Worth It?

Even if you always fill up at Shell, you can still earn better rewards than the Shell cards have to offer.

Both cards have very limiting rewards programs that, even in the best case scenario, give you less than 2% back. You have better options to earn rewards on Shell gasoline — or any gas spending for that matter.

Other Options

A good alternative is BankAmericard Cash Rewards card from Bank of America.

The card has no annual fee and earns 3% back on gas and 2% back at grocery stores on the first $1,500 per quarter (or up to $180 back a year on gas spending) plus 1% back on all other spending.

You can also get a $100 sign-up bonus once you spend at least $500 during the first 90 days, which is really good for a card with no annual fee.

If you don’t mind keeping up with rotating bonus categories, the Discover it card is another good option. The it card earns up to 5% cash back on popular categories like gasoline and groceries and 1% back on everything else with no annual fee.

And Costco members will want to check out the Costco Anywhere Visa. It offers:

  • 4% cash back on gas for the first $7,000 per year, and then 1% thereafter (at Costco and standalone gas stations)
  • 3% cash back on restaurants and travel
  • 2% cash back on all other purchases from Costco and
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

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