SDCCU Visa Credit Card Review

The Verdict: The SDCCU Visa card has no annual fee, no hidden fees and the choice between cash back rewards and a rewards point system. Although this card carries an APR as high as 23.99%, consumers can avoid any interest charges by paying in full during the grace period to earn unlimited rewards and cash back on purchases. With a credit limit up to $20,000, this card is perfect for cardholders that want to earn rewards but is not suited for those that tend to carry a balance. With transaction fees on balance transfers, it’s also not suitable for those who want to transfer high interest balances to save money.

Overview: The San Diego County Credit Union offers a Visa credit card to members with no annual fee and a range of rewards. This card is designed to be easy to use, free of hidden fees and low in cost. Although the APR may be high, the SDCCU card is a good option for members that want to earn rewards and always pay off their balance in full. With thousands of branch locations and partner branches and good travel benefits, the SDCCU Visa card is a good fit for many consumers.

How These Cards Work: The SDCCU Visa is accepted everywhere Visa is and comes with a generous 25-day grace period for purchases. Interest charges on purchases can be avoided completely by paying the balance in full during this time period. Cash advances and balance transfers, on the other hand, begin to accrue interest on the transaction date. Cardholders may access their account online or at any SDCCU branch or partner branch. This card also comes with an excellent rewards program that allows cardholders to earn their choice of merchandise, cash back, charitable contributions, travel, gift cards and more. Credit limits for the card range from $1,000 to over $20,000, depending on credit rating.

Travel & Shopping Benefits: The San Diego County Credit Union Visa card has many shopping and travel benefits for cardholders. The biggest benefit is the rewards system, which earns either 1% cash back with no annual fee or rewards points with a potential $35 annual fee. This fee is waived as long as annual purchases exceed $6,000. The rewards points may be redeemed for airline miles, merchandise, gift cards, cash, hotel stays and more. This card also comes with two forms of travel insurance for cardholders: $500,000 in travel accident insurance as long as tickets are purchased with the card and auto rental insurance. Using the SDCCU Visa card can also earn the cardholder special discounts at many retailers.

Fees: The SDCCU is a card has a very simple fee structure that avoids hidden costs for services. There is no annual fee for the credit card, which includes the cash back rewards. Cardholders may, however, choose the points rewards which adds a $35 annual fee if purchases total less than $6,000 each year. The variable APR for purchases is between 9.99% and 19.99%, depending on credit worthiness. Balance transfers and cash advances are both subject to an APR of 13.99% to 23.99%. There is a limit on both transfers and cash advances; they cannot be more than 30% of the total credit limit with a maximum amount of $10,000. Balance transfers and cash advances both have a 2% transaction fee and a 2% foreign transaction fee is also charged for cash advances and purchases outside the country. The late fee for this card is $10 if the payment is more than 10 days late and the returned payment fee is $20.


  • No annual fee or penalty APR
  • Flexible rewards programs with options
  • 1% cash back on purchases
  • Credit limit up to $20,000
  • Many branch locations


  • Must be a SDCCU member to apply
  • APR may be as high as 23.99%
  • 2% transaction fee for balance transfers/cash advances

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