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Citi PremierPass Card Review

By Kevin / November 4, 2008


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Verdict: For customers looking for a credit card that offers a real thank-you as a reward, this is the card. Those looking to gain the most from a rewards card would benefit from Citi PremierPass Card.


Finally the introduction of a credit card company that realizes the value of the customer and rewards them accordingly! For this reason, the points received for rewards are referred to as “thank-you points”.

For every purchase – from the grocery store to the movie theatre, one thank-you point is given to the card holder for every dollar purchased. For airline purchases, three thank-you points are earned for every dollar purchased and three thank-you miles earned for each airline ticket purchase not for yourself, but purchased on your credit card. Now, not only can you earn for your own airline tickets, but those of your children, your friends and other family members. Imagine, enough miles could be obtained by booking a family vacation to earn money for spending, money for restaurants or even hotel accommodations.

Gifts are redeemed through the “thank-you” network and allow the card holder to redeem for gift certificates to their favorite stores, merchandise and travel. With these flexible rewards, this card is perfect for everyone from the stay at home mom, or the avid traveler.
Did you know that as little as ten thousand thank-you points can get you a redemption reward of your choice? This feature, called your wish fulfilled, could be anything from a hot air balloon ride to any other service. Redeem your points and be on the way to your dream today. As little as ten thousand points could allow the card-holder to get the dream of their choice.

As An Added Bonus

As an added bonus, you can earn traditional airline miles through the purchase of airline tickets, along with the thank-you points accumulated through the credit card program. Never before, has there been a credit card that has offered such flexibility, allowing the cardholder to get two times the points through two programs!

As an introductory bonus offer, cardholders are given 10,000 thank-you points after they reach the $300.00 threshold of Citi PremierPass Card use – enough to redeem for $100.00 reward card to your favorite retail store.

As an extra add-on, these thank-you points can be used to pay down your credit card. Imagine, being able to take your points each month and apply them to the balance of the credit card? Not only is this a benefit in the unstable economy, but enough points can be accumulated to cover the monthly payment, dependant on use. Isn’t this a great feature that rivals cash back on some of the best cards.

Fees and APR

There is no annual fee for the credit card, and it comes with a variable APR of 8.99% based on the credit rating of the individual and the information provided on the credit card application.

The interest rate, being variable will fluctuate with the prime rate, and the state of the economy. Although this rate varies, ensuring that the card holder has a good credit rating will ensure the best rate possible.


1.    Lost Luggage Coverage for Cardholders when travelling
2.    Default 1 thank-you point for each $1.00 spent on the credit card
3.    There are no blackout dates when booking travel rewards
4.    Flexible rewards options let you choose your own rewards

The Decision

This is a great card that allows the card holder to get double the points on the purchase of airline tickets, a great introductory bonus, and many perks like insurance coverage, travel insurance and lost luggage coverage while traveling. All of these benefits combined with optional payment insurance make this card a winner.

With a fantastic introductory bonus, and the ability to earn hundreds of dollars in rewards per year, this is one of the best rewards cards around. The introductory bonus enough is reason to get it.

Apply for the Citi PremierPass Card here.

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