QVC Q credit card review

QVC Credit Card Review – Is the Q Card For You?

Analysis of QVC shopper credit cardQVC Q Credit Card Review

The QVC Q Credit Card (AKA Q Card) is only offered to registered shoppers at QVC.

The Q Card comes in handy for users that shop at QVC.  While this credit card has a very high APR than most cards, if you can pay off your balance prior, you won’t have to pay interest. Keeping your balance paid off is our best advice if you’re getting a Q Card to shop at QVC.

On a more positive note, this card does provide a convenient method to pay for your QVC purchases.  Here’s our updated review (May 2018) on the QVC Q Credit Card. If you’re only looking for your QVC credit card login, you can find that here.

Q Card Overview

The QVC Q card is good only on QVC purchases and provides, simply, an easy and convenient way to pay for your purchases.


  • Long grace period
  • No fee for going over your credit limit


    • High standard APR of 22.80%
    • This credit card is good only on QVC purchases–no balance transfers or cash advances
    • No rewards program
    • No consumer protection benefits

How The QVC Q Credit Card Works

The QVC Q card is only available to registered members of or shoppers of QVC. The card offers convienence, primarily. If you already shop at QVC, the QVC card may offer you flexibility and help you improve your credit.

Before you get started with your application, there are few key things you need to know about the QVC Q card:

      1. This card is good only for purchases at QVC and their online website.
      2. There are no balance transfers or cash advances with the Q Card.
      3. You do not earn rewards with your Q card.

For your application to be accepted make sure the following information applies to you:

      • You are a registered shopper at QVC;
      • You are at least 18 years old;
      • You have no submitted an application for the Q card in the past 3 months; and
      • Your credit history has no serious delinquencies or bankruptcies.

Travel and Shopping Benefits

The Q card allows you to make convenient purchases with QVC and gives you the option of deferred payments. You can use your card to buy large ticket items through the company and use your discretion to pay the balance all at once or over time.

Besides that, you will not earn any travel or shopping benefits.

All in all, it is hard to see how using the Q card provides you any real benefit. Any decent rewards card will offer you not just rewards for your spending, but important consumer protections like extended warranty protection, purchase price protection, etc.

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The standard APR for purchases on the QVC card is 22.80% .The grace period is 25 days if there is no previous balance.

Returned payments are charged $29.

Late fees for your QVC account are as follows:

      • $15 for balances under $25;
      • $25 for balances between $25 and $49.99;
      • $29 for balances between $50 and $499.99; and
      • $39 for all balances above $500.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we do not recommend the QVC channel Q card. We think you can do better with most standard issue credit cards.

As a better alternative, check out the Chase Ultimate Rewards card instead! It allows you to shop at QVC, Target, Barnes & Noble and many more stores.

We hope our QVC Q Credit Card review was helpful!

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