PNC Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

Verdict: It can be hard to sort through all the rewards- and miles-card offers available to you today. What if you’re not interested in rewards cards but instead are looking for a basic, low-interest-rate card? The PNC Visa Platinum Credit Card might be the right card for you. It comes with a long introductory rate, low purchase interest rates and an advanced fraud-protection system. This review shows that the PNC credit card card ranks among the best in the non-rewards-card category.

Overview: The PNC Visa Platinum Card doesn’t allow you to earn free airline miles or cash-back bonuses. But that’s not what this card is designed for. It’s set up for consumers looking for a no-frills card that comes with solid interest rates. This Visa Platinum card delivers low-interest rates that can be a great option for many people.

How This Card Works: Depending on your credit score, you can earn a below-market interest rate with the PNC Visa Platinum Credit Card. You also won’t be stuck with an annual fee.

Travel and Shopping Benefits: As a basic credit card, the PNC Platinum card doesn’t come with any shopping or travel perks. It does come with PNC Security Assistance, though. This fraud-protection program is designed to prevent unauthorized purchases on your card no matter if you bank through mail, at local branches or online.

Fees: The fees are where the PNC Platinum Card stands out from the field. The card’s introductory interest rate of 0 percent remains in place for 13 billing cycles. The card’s purchase interest rate than adjusts to anywhere from 10.99 percent to 18.99 percent, depending on your creditworthiness. This review of the PNC credit card found that other fees meet industry standards, with both late and returned-payment fees costing up to $35, while cash-advance fees cost either $10 or 4 percent of the advance amount, whichever is higher.


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  • Introductory 0 percent interest rate remains for 13 billing cycles.
  • Low interest rate of 10.99 percent depending on your credit score.
  • No annual fee.


  • Penalty interest rate is a high 28.99 percent.
  • Purchase interest rate can run as high as 18.99 percent depending on your creditworthiness.
  • Late and returned-payment fees of up to $35.


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