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MCU Credit Card Review – Visa Platinum

So, how good exactly is the MCU Visa Platinum Credit Card? Check out our review below to find out!

MCU Visa Platinum Card – Our Recommendation

If you’re an employee of the city of New York, or a federal employee who works in one of the city’s five boroughs, you can become a member of the Municipal Credit Union, better known as the MCU.
This is a good thing; membership allows you to apply for the MCU Visa Platinum Credit Card.
This is a basic, standard credit card. But what it lacks in rewards programs or cash-back bonuses, it more than makes up for in a low purchase interest rate.
This rate, in fact, makes this an ideal card if you regularly carry a balance on your credit cards.

MCU Credit Card Overview

The MCU Visa Platinum Credit Card follows the basic trend of credit cards affiliated with credit unions.
It offers a purchase interest rate far below those offered by traditional credit cards.

  • No annual fee.
  • Low purchase interest rate.
  • Reasonable fees.


  • No rewards program.
  • Must be a member of MCU Credit Union to apply for this card.

How This Card Works

The MCU Visa Platinum Credit Card is not a rewards card.
This means that you won’t receive any rewards points or cash back when you use the card to make purchases.

Travel & Shopping Benefits

The MCU Visa Platinum does come with a credit line of up to $20,000, depending on your credit.
Its main benefit, though, remains a purchase interest rate that is under 10 percent.


The MCU Visa Platinum Credit Card comes with a purchase interest rate of 9.15 percent.
That’s far lower than what you’ll receive with traditional consumer credit cards. Other fees are fairly standard for the industry. The card’s cash-advance fee is 3 percent of the advance amount.
This fee can never go lower than $2 and never higher than $30, no matter the size of an advance.
The card’s late-payment fee can reach a high of $25, while its returned-item fee can run as high as $20.
There is no annual fee with this card.
Hopefully, our MCU Credit Card Review has helped you decide if you want to apply for this card. If not, check out the other reviews we have done on other MCU cards.
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