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Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard Review

By Kevin / December 10, 2010


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Verdict: Don’t let the Lufthansa sponsorship fool you into thinking this is just another credit card that only awards decent amounts of rewards points if you use Lufthansa. The Miles and More MasterCard actually lets you choose from a number of different airlines who participate in the Miles and More MasterCard rewards program.

Further, this card is actually country-specific. In other words, if you live in one of the countries that is listed here, you can order a card that provides specific benefits for you simply because you live in that country. The Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard is for residents of Germany.

These, along with other benefits, which are listed in the “pros” section, make this card stand out from other credit cards with airline sponsors. If you need a card that helps you with travel, this is one of the better ones to get.

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Overview: The Lufthansa Miles and More MasterCard is the credit card that residents who live in Germany receive when they apply for a Miles or More credit card. The card has a rewards program; however, rather than limiting you to one specific airline in order to earn double points, you can choose from a number of airlines, both international and domestic. The airlines are referred to as partners, and include a number of European-based carriers as well as United States-based ones.

How This Card Works: This card works like any other airline-sponsored credit card that is designed for frequent travelers; however, again, the benefits offered by this card are much better than the majority of airline-sponsored credit cards. You make travel arrangements on any of the Miles and More partners airlines to earn double points.

Again, you are NOT limited to Lufthansa Airlines; this is simply the Miles and More MasterCard that is issued to German residents.

Travel and Shopping Benefits: Depending on the card you choose (two annual fee or one no fee), you can earn double points for using the card to make travel arrangements. If you choose the annual fee card, you can earn four miles for every $1 spent on an airline ticket, and four miles on regular purchases made within the first 90 days of receiving your card. After that, regular purchases earn 1 for 1 (1 point for every $1 spent).

If you choose the no fee card, you earn two miles for every $1 spent on an airline ticket; the regular purchases benefits are the same as for the annual fee card.

Fees: If you choose the annual fee card, and there are two to choose from, the annual fee is $79 for the Premiere Miles and More World MasterCard, $59 for the Miles and More World MasterCard and no fee for the Miles and More Platinum World MasterCard. Transaction fees, including balance transfer fees and others, are on a par with other credit cards, generally running at 4% or $10, whichever is greater. Penalty fees can be up to $35.


  • You are not limited to one specific airline in order to receive double points; you have several to choose from
  • Three different cards to choose from
  • Reasonable, though variable 15.24% or 18.25% APR


  • Slightly higher than average transaction fees.
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