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Langley Starter Visa Credit Card Review

By Christine Layton / November 30, 2011


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Verdict: The Langley Starter Visa is designed specifically for members who have limited credit history. There are low qualifications to be accepted for this card and it includes a low, fixed-rate APR and no annual fee. Although there are no extra benefits to the card, it provides young members with the chance to establish their credit history while gaining a credit card that can be used anywhere. The low, fixed APR and no hidden costs makes the Langley Starter Visa a well designed credit card for those with no credit history.

Overview: The Langley Federal Credit Union in Virginia offers a range of financial services to members, including a number of credit cards. There are four separate cards, including the Starter Visa for members who have limited or no credit history. This credit card has very limited travel and shopping benefits, and no rewards, but offers a low fixed rate and no hidden costs. This credit card is a great credit card for young members to establish a good credit history, or to have in case of emergencies. With the low APR, it’s also a good card to use for financing larger purchases as well.

How These Cards Work: The Langley Starter Visa card is accepted worldwide and has a credit limit up to $2,000. This card has a 25-day grace period on purchases only, allowing cardholders  to avoid interest charges completely by paying their balance in full during this time. Cardholders must be a member of the Langley Federal Credit Union in Virginia to apply, and the credit union only extends membership to employees of certain organizations. This credit card offers fraud protection and zero liability for purchases and no hidden costs or rates that will increase without notice. Still, this credit card is designed for individuals with limited credit history and offers limited shopping and travel benefits.

Travel & Shopping Benefits: Because this credit card is a starter card for those with limited credit history, travel and shopping benefits are limited. The Langley Starter Visa includes fraud protection and zero liability for fraudulent purchases. It can also be paired easily with other Langley services, such as a free student checking account that will add overdraft protection with the credit card.

Fees: The Langley Starter Visa has no annual fee. The APR is a non-variable 10.99%, which applies to purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. There is no penalty APR and no fee for cash advances or balance transfers. Payments more than 15 days late will incur a fee of $20, or the minimum payment, whichever is less. The credit union may require the cardholder to return the card in case of delinquency or for other reasons. Failure to do so will incur a $25 fee. A card reissue fee is $5 the first time and $25 for a second occurrence in a year.


  • Designed for those with limited or no credit history
  • Low qualifications
  • No interest rate hikes
  • Low fixed rate of 10.99%
  • No fees for balance transfers or cash advances


  • Must be a Langley Credit Union member
  • No travel or shopping benefits
  • Credit limit capped at $2,000
  • No rewards
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