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JP Morgan Select Credit Card Review

By Christine Layton / August 21, 2012


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The Chase JP Morgan Select card is designed for frequent travelers and high spenders who want to earn travel rewards. This card is very similar to Chase Sapphire giving you 2 points per dollar on travel purchases, and one point per dollar on everything else. However there are some added benefits, not available with Sapphire.

There is a $95 annual fee with JP Morgan Select, which makes this card comparable to the popular American Express Gold and the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Key Benefits and Features
  • Earn points and bonuses. Earn 2 points for travel purchases and 1 point on everything else. You’ll earn 25,000 bonus points after $100,000 in annual spending. Points are unlimited and do not expire.
  • Low interest rate. 13.24% APR – This interest rate is low for a rewards card and applies to purchases and balance transfers.
  • No foreign transaction fees. Like a lot of travel rewards cards today, you won’t pay any fees for foreign transactions during travel with the JP Morgan Select card.
  • No late or overlimit fees. This is a feature not typically found on high-end cards so it’s a unique and positive feature.
  • No penalty APR. This great feature can save you a lot of money in interest charges if you ever pay your bill late.
  • Smart chip. This technology makes international travel convenient and easier. Old magnetic strip technology isn’t accepted in many countries.
  • Major travel benefits. These benefits include emergency accident coverage, baggage delay or lost luggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance, emergency evacuation and primary auto rental coverage, which is a big benefit over the secondary rental coverage offered by most cards.
A Rewards Program Tailored Towards Frequent Flyers?

This credit card is oriented toward frequent travelers. You’ll earn 2 points for all travel-related purchases, including car rentals, airfare and hotel stays. You points never expire and you can earn an unlimited number of points.

A huge advantage to the JP Morgan Select card is the lack of restrictions when you make flight reservations. There are no restrictions to specific dates, advanced booking, multiple-leg travel and Saturday night stays that you’ll find with many credit cards. Your points can also be moved to frequent flier programs at a one-to-one exchange rate. JP Morgan Select is partnered with 3 airlines: United/Continental, British Airways and Southwest Airlines. While this list isn’t as large as AmEx’s partner list, the inclusion of United is a huge plus.

JP Morgan Select Added Travel Benefits

It’s also important to go over the travel benefits you receive with this card. You’ll get standard Visa Signature benefits including lost luggage insurance, travel accident insurance, trip cancellation insurance and emergency accident insurance.

With JP Morgan Select, you’ll also get primary auto rental coverage, not secondary coverage that’s offered by most travel cards.

This means that if a claim is made, you can go directly through your credit card instead of using personal auto insurance. You also get sickness coverage and emergency evacuation and reparation which, while unlikely to be used, are still a great benefit.

Is The JP Morgan Select Card Worth The Annual Fee?

Use this card for your travel spending, as it offers some great advantages in the form of coverage. With no penalty APR or late penalties, this card is also an excellent choice if you’re known to pay your bill late every once in a while. The benefits of the JP Morgan Select card more than make up for the high annual fee with unique travel coverage and travel rewards.

A Final Note: Did you notice this card is very similar to the Chase Sapphire? It seems the JP Morgan Select card may eventually be transitioned to the Sapphire.

  • Credit Required
    Excellent Credit
  • Rewards Program
    Earn 2 points per dollar spent on travel and one point per dollar on all other purchases.
  • Signup Bonus
    25,000 Bonus Points
    after $100,000 annual spend.

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