J. Jill Credit Card Review

The Verdict: The J.Jill Credit Card comes with the same negative that most store-affiliated cards suffer: a sky-high purchase interest rate. This is definitely not a credit card that you want if you aren’t absolutely sure that you can pay your bill in full each month. A better bet would be to search for a non-store-affiliated credit card that comes with a lower purchase interest rate and a generous rewards program. There are plenty of options out there that are better than this card.

Overview: The J.Jill credit card doesn’t come with enough perks to justify the high purchase interest rate. There is no rewards program. You will qualify for discounts on J.Jill merchandise. But even if you are frequent shopper at this retailer, it’s difficult to imagine that the benefits of this card outweigh the risk that comes with such a high purchase interest rate.

How This Card Works: When you qualify for a J.Jill credit card, you’ll receive certain discounts automatically. You’ll also receive an extra discount during your birthday month.

Travel and Shopping Benefits: This card can only benefit a hardcore J.Jill shopper. Once you receive your card, you’ll earn 10 percent off your first J.Jill credit-card purchase. You’ll then earn a discount of 5 percent on all other purchases that you make with your J.Jill card. You’ll receive an additional 5 percent off on all credit-card purchases you make during the month in which your birthday falls. You’ll also be able to double your normal 5 percent discount on select double discount days throughout the year.

Fees: The biggest problem with the J.Jill credit card? Its purchase interest rate. This card comes with a staggeringly high purchase interest rate of 26.99 percent. And if you pay your bill late, you’ll be hit with a penalty interest rate of 29.9 percent. There is no annual fee with this card. The card’s late-payment fee can run up to $35, while the returned-payment fee can reach $25.


  • Discounts on J.Jill purchases.
  • No annual fee.


  • Staggeringly high purchase interest rate.
  • No rewards program.

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