Good Sam Visa Signature Credit Card Review

Verdict: The Good Sam Club is one of the biggest RV clubs in the nation. It makes sense, then, that Visa would offer its own credit card targeted toward the members of this club. And for those members, this can be quite the valuable card. The Good Sam Visa Signature Credit Card provides cardholders with extra rewards points — that they can redeem for a host of goods and services — every time they make a charge for Good Sam-related purchases. The card also comes with a low purchase interest rate, depending on cardholders’ creditworthiness, making this a good choice for the fervent RVer.

Overview: This is a basic rewards card with a bit of a twist: Cardholders will receive extra rewards points whenever they make a charge for products and services offered by Good Sam Club, Coast to Coast, Camping World and other affiliated businesses.

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How This Card Works: Cardholders can redeem their points for camping equipment, airline miles, cash, camping, roadside assistance and other products.

Travel and Shopping Benefits: Cardholders earn five rewards points for every dollar they charge for products or services offered by Good Sam Club, Coast to Coast, Camping Life and other affiliated businesses. They’ll receive one rewards point for every other dollar they charge. Cardholders will also receive 2,500 bonus rewards points after they make their initial purchase.

Fees: Cardholders’ purchase interest rates will stand at 9.49 percent, 13.49 percent or 19.49 percent depending on their creditworthiness. The card comes with no annual fee. It also comes with an introductory interest rate offer of 0 percent on all balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles after cardholders open their accounts. A cash advance will cost either $10 or 3 percent of the advance amount, whichever is higher, while both late and returned-payment fees can run up to $35. The card’s penalty interest rate is a sky-high 30.24 percent.


  • Solid purchase interest rates depending on cardholders’ credit scores.
  • Cardholders earn more rewards points when charging products offered from Good Sam Club and affiliates.
  • Cardholders earn 2,500 rewards points after first charge.


  • Penalty interest rate can be as high as 30.24 percent.
  • Cardholders won’t earn as many rewards points if they don’t purchase many products from Good Sam Club.
  • Interest rate is high for cardholders with suspect credit scores.


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