GNC Gold Card Store Card Review – Should You Buy This Membership?

The GNC Gold Card isn’t a credit card; rather, it’s a membership card that offers discounted prices on most GNC merchandise. The card costs $15 for a one-year membership and allows you to save 20% off during select days. Is the card worth the cost or is it just a marketing gimmick that won’t save you much in the long run?

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Benefits of the GNC Gold Card

  • 20% off initial order
  • 20% off everything in stores and online (with exclusions) during the first 7 days of every month
  • Exclusive promotional offers

Best Rewards Credit Cards

How the Card Works

When you sign up for the GNC Gold Card — either online or in-store — you’ll pay $15 for a one-year membership. You receive 20% off the first order at the time you buy the membership, whether it’s Gold Card Week or not. This applies whether you make an order online or purchase in the store. When your membership expires, you can renew for an additional year and receive another 20% off that day’s order. There are some important rules to remember, however, that limit the use of your GNC Gold Card:

  • All future purchases receive a 20% off discount when you use your card during the first 7 days of every month, either in-store or online
  • The GNC Gold Card membership is valid online and in-stores for a full year after you purchase your membership
  • If you buy the membership online, you receive a 20% discount for each item in the order for that order only. You can’t buy your membership separately and try to apply the discount to another order an hour or two later. Time your membership purchase to save the most!
  • Your GNC Gold Card discount will not apply to alli products, exercise equipment, Hot Buys and Super Saver deals

Should You Buy the Membership

Despite the strict limitations regarding when you can use your discount, the GNC Gold Card is a great deal if you buy GNC products fairly often. The card membership pays for itself with a single $76 purchase; every purchase after this is pure savings. Obviously, the card isn’t worth it if you won’t spend more than $76 in an entire year. Considering the cost of supplements and vitamins, it’s easy to see this card paying off for the average GNC customer. Just remember to time your purchases during the first week of the month so you can actually receive your discount!

Best Rewards Credit Cards

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