Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Credit Card Review

Verdict: Fifth Third Bank offers several credit cards under its Fifth Third Real Life Rewards program, four to be exact, a mix of Visa and MasterCard types. Each of the cards in the program allows you to earn rewards points for the charges that you make. Selecting the right card for your spending habits, though, will require a bit of research.
Overview: Fifth Third Bank offers the following cards in this program: Platinum Rewards MasterCard, Visa Signature Rewards Card, Professional Credit MasterCard and Business Rewards MasterCard. All of them award you rewards points for the purchases that you charge. But you’ll earn points at different rates depending upon the card you select. For instance, some of the cards are simple, giving you one point for every dollar that you charge. Others operate on a tier system, with cardholders earning more points depending upon the purchases they make.
How These Cards Work: After earning enough rewards points with these four credit cards, you can redeem them for gift certificates, trips to the movies, free meals or to pay down a loan. That’s the “Real Life” part of these cards: As Fifth Third advertises it, these are activities that consumers do daily in their real lives. If you own both Fifth Third credit and debit cards, you can combine the points from these cards to earn larger rewards.
Travel and Shopping Benefits: Each card operates its rewards formula differently. With the Platinum Rewards MasterCard, you’ll earn one reward point for every dollar that you charge on all purchases. With the Visa Signature Rewards Card you can earn points at a faster rate by charging at the gas pump; you’ll earn two points for every dollar that you charge for gas. The Professional Credit MasterCard awards you with more points, two for every dollar charged, when you shop at restaurants and office supply stores, and when you use your credit card to make utility payments. The Business Rewards MasterCard gives you one point for every dollar you charge plus a bonus of 5,300 points after you make your first purchase with the card.
Fees: The fees with all of these cards differ. You can find them online, though, at Fifth Third’s Real Life Rewards page. Make sure to research these fees to determine if the card in which you are interested will provide enough reward points to make it pay off for you.

  • A wide variety of options are available for consumers.
  • You can earn points in a variety of ways.
  • You can combine points from credit and debt cards to earn points faster.


  • It will take some research to find the right card for you.
  • Some purchases earn fewer points than do others.


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