Elder Beerman credit card review

Elder Beerman Credit Card Review – Is it Really that Awesome?

A fan of Elder Beerman? I know I am!

Especially when their items go on clearance – then it’s SHOPPING TIME! Who’s with me?

So when this Elder Beerman credit card hit the market, of course I had to do a review on it!

Elder Beerman Credit Card – Our Recommendation

Department store credit cards are often a mixed bag: They provide shopping rewards, but they also tend to come with high interest rates.

The Elder Beerman credit card is no exception.

Cardholders can earn points to earn shopping sprees at Elder Beerman and affiliated department stores.

But they’ll be saddled with a high interest rate while doing so.

Elder Beerman Credit Card Overview

The Elder Beerman credit card shopping-spree points system might be fun for shoppers.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a discounted shopping spree at a fully stocked department store?

But the high interest rates, for even those cardholders with the best credit scores, siphon away a lot of that joy.

How Elder Beerman Card Works

Consumers can only use the Elder Beerman credit card at Elder Beerman or affiliated department stores across the country.

These affiliated stores include Carson Pirie Scott, Herberger’s, Younkers, Boston Store, Bon-Ton and Parisian department stores. Cardholders will earn bonus points every time they charge an item on their card.

Consumers can’t apply for this card online!!!! They will, instead, have to sign up for the card at participating department stores.


  • Cardholders can earn 20-percent-off shopping sprees.
  • Card provides coupons for free shipping.


  • High interest rate, even for consumers with strong credit scores.
  • Can’t apply for card online.
  • Can only use card at Elder Beerman or affiliated department stores

How To Get A $10,000 Credit Limit

Travel and Shopping Benefits

Cardholders earn one point for every dollar they charge at Elder Beerman or affiliated department stores.

Every time cardholders earn 500 of these points, they’ll earn a one-day shopping spree pass that allows them to buy most items at their local store at discounts of 20 percent.

The Elder Beerman credit card comes in four levels: Classic, Signature, Signature Select and Elite, with each offering a minor variation on this shopping-spree-style rewards system.

Depending on the card level, consumers will also receive from one to three coupons every year that cardholders can redeem for free shipping.


Most department store credit cards come with high interest rates.

The Elder Beerman credit card is no exception. The information on the Elder Beerman Web site is sketchy when it comes to fees and terms. The “rules and terms” page, in fact, provides no information on late fees, returned-payment fees or cash-advance fees.

However, cardholders should expect to pay interest rates in the 20-percent range, even if they have good credit. Consumers with lower credit scores should expect to pay even more.

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