Delta Community Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Review

The Verdict: Delta Community Credit Union members have their choice of a number of credit cards. The Visa Platinum Rewards card, however, is a perfect fit for most consumers that want a free to carry card that rewards them for purchases. This card has no annual fee, no fee for balance transfers and earns one point for every $1 spent. It also includes a generous credit limit up to $50,000 for those who qualify. Overall, this is an excellent credit card that is perfect for those who don’t carry a balance, those who want to transfer high-interest balances and those who simply want to finance large purchases affordably.
Overview: The Delta Community Credit Union offers four credit cards to members who wish to apply. The Visa Platinum Rewards card is an excellent choice for those with great credit because it has a very generous credit limit, an APR of 9.75% and a very good rewards program. This credit card also gives a number of bonuses to new cardholders, including 3,000 bonus points and a cash rebate on all balance transfers during the first 90 days.
How These Cards Work: This Platinum Rewards card is accepted worldwide and cardholders have 24-hour access to cash through ATMs. This card has a 25-day grace period on purchases. Cardholders may avoid interest completely by paying their balance in full during this time. For balance transfers and cash advances, interest charges begin immediately. The credit limit for this card is as high as $50,000 for those who qualify. To apply for the Visa Platinum Rewards card, membership in the Delta Community Credit Union is required. To become a member, applicants must open a savings account and be a resident of most Georgia counties, a member of certain listed organizations or a current or former employee of listed companies in the area.

Travel & Shopping Benefits: This card provides zero liability for fraudulent charges and optional enrollment in the Verified by Visa program. This program lets the cardholder set up a personalized password to use for online purchases to both verify their identity and prevent identity theft online. This credit card also has free auto rental insurance, emergency cash disbursement and emergency card replacement. Other benefits include travel accident insurance and a warranty service that allows the cardholder to register warranties and receive extended warranties on purchases. The rewards program for this card earns one point for every $1 spent and these points may be redeemed through CURewards for gift cards, merchandise and travel. Initial enrollment in the rewards program earns 2,000 bonus points and the cardholder receives an additional 1,000 bonus points after their first eligible purchase. Cardholders can also receive a 1.5% cash rebate on any transferred balances during the first 90 days.
Fees: The Visa Platinum Rewards card has no annual fee. The APR is a variable 9.75%, which applies to purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. There is a penalty APR of 14.75% that will be applied to the account if a payment is received 60 or more days late. The penalty APR will remain in effect until at least six payments are received on time. There is no fee for balance transfers and cash advances are subject to a flat-rate fee of $3. The foreign transaction fee is 0.80% to 1.0%. There is no over limit fee, although returned payments and late payments may incur a fee up to $25.

  • No annual fee
  • Variable rate of 9.75%
  • 2,000 bonus points plus 1,000 after first purchase
  • 1.5% cash rebate on initial balance transfers
  • Credit limit up to $50,000


  • Must be a member of Delta Community Credit Union


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