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Coastal Community Visa Credit Card Review

By Christine Layton / November 13, 2011


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The Verdict: The Coastal Community Visa card is a very simple credit card that offers little in the way of travel and shopping benefits. The card has no rewards but does offer an APR as low as 7.25% with no transaction fees for balance transfers. This card is better for cardholders that do not care about rewards but want a simple card that costs nothing to carry. This card may also be a good choice for those who want to transfer their balance to save money on interest.

Overview: The Coastal Federal Credit Union offers two credit card options to members. The Infinity card is a rewards option while the Community Visa card is a basic credit card that’s best for cardholders who want a free to carry card for emergencies. The Community card does have an attractive interest rate that makes it a good choice for transferring balances, however.

How These Cards Work: This card is accepted worldwide and allows cardholders to avoid interest charges completely by paying off their balance in full before the due date each month. The due date is calculated to be about 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. A penalty APR of 18.00% may be incurred if a late payment is received or a payment is returned. If the penalty APR is applied to the current balance, six on-time payments will reduce it, although the 18.00% APR may still apply indefinitely to new transactions.

Travel & Shopping Benefits: The Community Visa card from Coastal Credit Union has a few travel and shopping benefits for cardholders. Protection from fraudulent charges is included, along with travel accident insurance when airline tickets are purchased with the card. 24 hour services are also available for cardholders. Overall, the card is meant to be a simple credit card that offers convenience more than anything.

Fees: This credit card has no annual fee and has a simple fee structure. The fixed APR for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers is between 7.25% and 13.50%, depending on credit worthiness. The penalty APR is 18.00%. There is no transaction fee for cash advances or balance transfers, although a foreign transaction fee of 0.80% to 1.00% applies for transactions outside of the country in U.S. currency. There is no over limit fee but a late payment fee up to $25 and a returned payment fee up to $25 may apply. The late payment fee is charged when the payment is more than 15 days late. Statement copies cost $5 while document copies cost $15. A rush payment fee of $10 may apply, along with a card replacement fee of $35.


  • No annual fee
  • APR as low as 7.25%
  • No transaction fees for balance transfers and cash advances
  • Straightforward, no cost to carry credit card


  • Must be a member of Coastal Federal Credit Union to apply
  • Penalty APR of 18.00% that may be hard to reduce
  • No rewards
  • Few travel and shopping benefits
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