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Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card Review

By Kevin / January 3, 2009


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Verdict: The Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students is an excellent credit card for college age students because it rewards the student for getting good grades by giving them reward points. Reward points can be used for cool MTV tickets or other miscellaneous items.


This credit card for college students is issued by Citi and is part of their Thank You Network reward program. This is one program for students that can earn amazing rewards like CD’s, gift certificates, airline tickets and many more things. An introductory rate for 6 months will be applied of 0% and will have no annual fee, ever.

How This Card Works

When the Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card Card for College Students is used, the amount is spent on qualifying purchases will earn them 5 Thank You Points, along with 1 Thank You Point given for all other purchases that are made. Qualifying purchases are ones that are made at book stores, movie theaters, video rental stores and restaurants, even fast food places. These are all normal purchases for college students and will earn rewards along the way.

Getting good grades will also be rewarded with Thank You Points in the following increments: If your grade point average (GPA) is between 2.5 and 2.99, you will receive 250 points; a GPA of 3.0 and up to 3.49 will earn 500 points. If the college student has a GPA of 3.5 up to 3.99, they will get 750 points and a GPA of a perfect 4.0 achieves 2,000 Thank You Points. You are eligible to submit grades two times every year.

Applicants do not need to meet any income requirements; however, you must be at least 18 years old, be in college or a graduate student and have a social security number that is valid.

Travel and Shopping Benefits

Excellent benefits for the college student include earning 5 Thank You Points for every dollar that is spent in qualifying stores and 1 Thank You Point for all other purchases from stores other than the ones listed. Qualifying purchases can be made at movie theaters and video rental stores, book stores and restaurants.

College students are also awarded a 10% credit on their statement when purchases are made at the MTV online store at and will be given on total purchase amount plus the shipping and handling and tax. Credits will be applied to the statement every billing cycle, if purchases are made within that time.

A bonus of 25 Thank You Points every month will be available on this card. When you pay your minimum payment in a timely manner and do not go over your available credit limit, rewards will be given for this also. At the ending of each billing cycle when the payment is received on time, 25 extra Thank You Points will be earned.

Thank You Points can be redeemed for VIP passes to go to the mtvU’s Spring Break and tickets to the MTV’s Video Music Awards. Also the points can be used for electronics, gift cards, CD’s and more.


This credit card has a minimal amount of fees and for 6 months there are introductory rates for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. All are zero percent APR and there are no annual fees at all. However, a 3% fee will be assessed for balance transfers and cash advances.
After the promotional period is over, the APR will be 12.24% on balance transfers and purchases. The APR for cash advances will go to 28.99%.

If the payment on the Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students is not paid within the grace period of twenty days, there will be a late fee and is dependent on the balance. A late fee with this card can be from $15 for balances that are up to $100 to $39 for balances that are $250 and over.


  • 0.00% APR on all balance transfers, purchases and cash advances for 6 months.
  • No Annual Fee
  • Thank You Points for getting good grades and paying your payment on time.
  • Account management and faster payments can be done online


  • Thank You Points expire in five years if unused.
  • Completed application process can take up to four weeks.
  • Default APR will be applied if there are any returned checks, going over the limit and not paying on time.

Apply for the Citi mtvUTM Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students.

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