American Express Blue Cash Everyday Rewards Credit Cards

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday card review and the verdict is: Blue Cash Everyday® is one of our favorite overall cash back rewards credit cards, especially when trying to earn rewards on gas and groceries.

Should I Choose Blue Cash Preferred Instead?

The Blue Cash Preferred Card offers  greater cash back on groceries (with the same $6,000 cap). So, if you spend at least $3,167 per year in groceries, you will earn enough additional cash back rewards to justify the  current (2018) $95 annual fee for Preferred version.

Key Features & Benefits

Blue Cash Rewards Program Overview

The Blue Cash rebate system is actually pretty simple because there are no rotating categories. If you spend a lot on gas, groceries and clothing (most normal human beings do), this card has a fantastic rewards program.

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Blue Cash Everyday card review explained in more detail….

Shortcomings of Rewards Program

Interest Rate, Fees & Other Fine Print

There is no annual fee with this card. Also, you may add additional people to your account at no cost to increase your cash back rewards. However, the card comes with late-payment and returned-payment fees of up to $38, as well as a foreign transaction fee. Overall, the fees are a bit high on this card – and can easily wipe out any rewards you earn.

How Blue Cash Compares to Other Cash Back Rewards Cards

Our Guide to Cash Back cards provides some nice tables and tips on choosing which cash back card will maximize your rewards. We suggest you check out that article. Or you can read on to get the highlights…

Blue Cash Everyday vs. Blue Cash Preferred

The Blue Cash Preferred is similar to the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card, except for these few key differences:

Thus, the Blue Cash Preferred Card makes more sense for bigger spenders, as their extra rewards will negate the annual fee. A simple test is to see if you spend at least $3,100 per year on groceries. If you do, you will earn sufficient additional cash back to justify the Preferred card’s annual fee.

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Blue Cash Versus Rotating Category Credit Cards

Unlike the Blue Cash card, many credit cards offer cash back on a rotating basis. The most popular are the Chase Freedom cards.

The categories that offer cash back rewards change every quarter. One quarter may have rewards for gasoline and travel and the next may have rewards for other items such as groceries and home improvement.

For savvy consumers, there is very little difference between each type of card. However, the credit card companies are banking on the hope that you not only spend in approved categories, but also spend on others.

If you are able to always stay on top of which categories are approved for bonus cash back, then this issue should not be a major deciding factor in determining which card is for you.

However, you can simply eliminate the risk of spending outside of approved categories by going with a card like the Blue Cash card. As the categories do not change on a quarterly basis, you’ll know what you will and will not get cash back on.

Just imagine if you purchased a $1,000 vacation a day too late on a card with rotating categories? You’d lose out on some money that you were counting on. Essentially, if you are not certain that you will keep up with rotating categories, it is best to go with a card like the Blue Cash card. The AmEx Blue Cash card will also be a better bet if you always want higher rewards for groceries and gas.

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We highly recommend this excellent cash back rewards card.

Overall, Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express is a great card for people who are looking to get cash rebates on every day purchases such as clothing, gas, and food.

The useful features such as the Buyers Assurance Plan and Return Protection are an added bonus, however they are really just icing on an already great cake. If you want high rewards for gas, groceries and clothing, the Blue Cash Everyday card is hard to beat, especially with no annual fee and a great sign-up bonus.


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