Bloomingdale's Credit Card Review

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Review

Verdict: This is a standard store credit card with a very high APR, only good for frequent large-purchase shoppers at Bloomingdale’s.

There are no benefits to this card beyond the discount received when you apply and the free shipping for certain online orders.

Overview: This card has a very high APR (23.99%) with late fees that reach the maximum once your balance is $300.

There is no annual fee for the Bloomingdale’s credit card however, making it a good option for people that shop at Bloomingdale’s often.

How This Card Works:

The Bloomingdale’s credit card is good at Bloomingdale’s stores and at

When you apply for this credit card you will receive 10% all shopping for two days, and free shipping on online orders over $150.

The savings is limited to $150 on mattresses and $250 on furniture.

Travel and Shopping Benefits:

When you apply for the Bloomingdale’s credit card you receive 10% off all shopping at Bloomingdales the following two days.

You also receive free shipping on all orders over $150 online when you use your Bloomingdale’s card.


The APR is 23.99% with a default rate of 26.99%. The default rate occurs if the minimum monthly due is not paid for two consecutive billing cycles, or twice in a twelve month period.

The minimum finance card is $2.00, and the grace period is a generous 25 days.

There is no annual fee for the Bloomingdale’s credit card.

Late fees are as follows: $15 for balances up to $50, $29 for balances between $50 and $300, and $39 for balances above $300.

The Bottom Line


  • 10% off two days shopping at Bloomingdales
  • Free shipping on online orders above $150.


  • Very high APR
  • High late fees

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