American Express Rose Gold Credit Card Review

Applying for a rewards credit card is one of the best ways to earn rewards for everyday purchases you’ll make when traveling, dining, and shopping. When you accumulate enough rewards points, you can redeem when appropriately, depending on the credit card you apply for. 

There are several rewards credit cards out there, but many don’t stack up comparably to the Rose Gold Amex. When you make the decision to apply for the Rose Gold American Express card, you can earn massive rewards for restaurants and supermarkets throughout the U.S. at a high ongoing rate. 

Though, it’s important to be aware of the drawbacks this card offers before moving forward. This credit card review will expand in the specifications, pros, and cons of applying for the Rose Gold Amex. 

American Express Rose Gold Card: Main Specifications

The Rose Gold Amex is certainly one of the best rewards credit cards on the market, but it does require a substantial annual fee. Here are more specifications you should be made aware of, including the American Express Rose Gold Card credit score.

  • Annual Fee: $250
  • Regular APR: There is a varying, pay-over-time APR, ranging from 15.99% to 29.99%.
  • Introductory APR: N/A
  • Credit Score Range: 690-850 (Good to Excellent)

American Express Rose Gold Card: Who is this Card For?

Rewards credit cards with a high annual fee are usually for big spenders who plan on using their card hundreds of times throughout the year. This card is definitely for “foodies” who spend most of their days in restaurants and supermarkets. 

If you can maximize the annual fee you’ll be paying for this credit card, then it’s well worth it. Otherwise, there are much better credit cards with no international transaction fee with a lower annual fee and interest rate. 

American Express Rose Gold Benefits

If you’re considering applying for the Rose Gold Amex, here are some excellent benefits to consider:

  • There is a high rewards rate for specific categories.
  • There aren’t any foreign transaction fees.
  • There are a wide variety of transfer partners. 
  • There is an annual dining credit, much like some of the other best airline credit cards.

American Express Rose Gold Card: Drawbacks

Not every rewards credit card is perfect, and this one isn’t an exception. Here are some noticeable disadvantages to look forward to if you plan on applying for this credit card:

  • American Express isn’t as widely accepted as Mastercard and Visa. 
  • There isn’t any lounge membership available for cardholders. 

American Express Rose Gold Card: Final Verdict

There aren’t many rewards credit cards that compare to the Rose Gold Amex. While the annual fee may be too expensive for some people, you can easily offset this amount if you’re making regular trips to local restaurants and supermarkets. 

There’s also the matter of applying for an American Express card if you plan to make international trips. With a high rewards rate for domestic purchases, it’s certainly worth it that the Rose Gold Amex may not be as widely accepted as a similar Mastercard or Visa. 

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