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There are so many different types of credit cards, and so many companies offering each type of card, that it can get really confusing to even try to figure out which is the best deal — or which rewards cards fit the way you use your cards. You can begin to figure all that out by reading through reams of fine print, but who has time for that when they just want to compare deals? CreditShout’s credit card guide and reviews reveal the good, the bad and the ugly of credit card offers. We read all the fine print so you don’t have to!

Whether you’re looking for a student credit card, airline or hotel credit cards, store credit cards, gas credit cards, credit cards for people with no credit, or just the best all-around credit cards — it’s all here in our credit card reviews and editor’s picks. Our credit card guide also includes business credit card reviews and a rundown of the many different cards offered by the top credit card issuers, such as Chase, Citibank, Discover, CapitalOne and more.

Guesswork, TV ads or a cool card design aren’t enough criteria to go on when it comes to making an educated decision about which card to choose. We’ll be your guide to the various credit cards that are available so you can truly make your most educated decision when it comes time to apply.

So read our credit card reviews, school yourself on the offers and rewards that are available, and make a smarter choice when you apply for your next card.

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