Which Credit Cards Have The Highest Credit Limits?

Q: What is the highest credit limit that cards offer, and which companies offer these high limits?
A: Most credit card companies have certain types of credit cards that carry a higher credit limit than others. Some of these may be limited to business cardholders only, while other companies may allow both business and personal cardholders to carry cards with high credit limits.
$10,000 to $25,000 is normally considered high credit limits. However, under certain circumstances, card companies have extended those figures. Further, practically all card companies have cards that have no preset limits at all.
The four major credit card companies that have high-limit credit cards are Capital One, American Express, Bank of America, and Discover. Capital One high-limit credit cards fall under its Platinum category, and Discovery also has specific card types for high limit users.
Even if you do not actually have a high-limit credit card, if your payment history or your company’s has been good and you or your company’s credit scores are good, it is always possible to request higher spending limits. This may be an option to consider if you need a higher credit limit.
You should know however that just as they can grant higher credit limits, credit card companies can also lower limits. They may do this to protect their “bottom line” or they may do it in response to late payments or other circumstances.

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