Where Can I Report Credit Card Company Abuse?

Q: I’ve been having a lot of problems with my credit card company lately, verging on abuse. Where can I report these problems?
A: You may first want to discuss it with the credit card company itself. For abuse such as harassing phone calls, write the company a letter informing them that you no longer wish to be contacted about this debt. You can also mention that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they are no longer allowed to contact you except to inform you that they are terminating contact or that they are taking legal action.
You can report it in other places also, one of which is your state’s Attorney General. This may not help your personal situation, but it will teach the credit card company to treat its customers better. If the Attorney General receives enough complaints, he or she will file a lawsuit against the credit card company.
You can also bring a lawsuit against the company yourself. This can be either a personal or class action lawsuit, though class action is more common, as the court costs are very expensive and often not worth it for one person. The most an individual can sue a credit card company for is any damages plus up to $1000, while class action lawsuits can sue for damages plus $1000 for each named party plus up to $500,000. For a class action lawsuit, multiple parties must be harmed and willing to participate in the lawsuit. Lawyers’ fees will eat up a large chunk of the award, but this is still a better choice than an individual lawsuit.

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