Where Can I Check My American Express Credit Card Balance Online?

Q: I always lose my credit card statement as soon as I receive it, but I know I can probably check my balance online. Where can I do this?
A: When you log into your American Express account at americanexpress.com, you will see your Summary of Accounts. Beside each card account, you will see your balance, as well as your minimum payment, the date which it is due by, and recent activity.
If you have an American Express card but have not yet set up an online account, it’s easy to do. Just go to the home page, and right above where you would enter your account information, there is an option to create an account or to activate your card. Get your card out and enter the information, set up your account preferences, and then you can view your account.
Besides your credit card balance, there is a lot of other useful information you can access on the website. If you want to view your recent transactions, select the online statement link. This will show you the date, the amount, and the merchant’s name for recent purchases that you have made, as well as the amount that you have paid toward your balance. There will be an option to make a payment if you wish; just select “pay bill.”

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