What is The Average Credit Score for a Student?

Q: I would imagine that students often fall behind on their credit scores. What is the average credit score for a college student?
A: There is actually no way of determining what the average credit score for a college student is because not all of them have credit histories for a score to be determined from. Many college students have not had the opportunity or the need to apply for credit. No credit means no credit history, thus there is no way of determining a score.
For those college students who do have established credit, credit scores can differ, just as they can with people of any age. One college student may already have an average credit score of 725, which is considered to be “better than average” or even “good” by the credit reporting companies and FICO (Fair Isaac Company-another credit scoring company). A “good to excellent” credit score is between 750 and 800.
This student is probably already displaying financial responsibility. The student only needs to continue doing so.
Another college student, however, may already have a poor credit score (below 650 or even lower. This student is already in trouble, financial-wise, and should take immediate steps to correct this.
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