How Does the American Express Billing Cycle Work?

Q: What is the grace period and billing cycle for American Express cards?

A: The American Express billing cycle occurs every 25 days.

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During that time, if you have an American Express card that allows you to carry over balances, you have that length of time to pay your balance in full.

Doing so saves you finance charges and may even allow you to negotiate for a lower interest rate once your payment history has been well established.

If you have an American Express card that requires the balance to be paid in full each month, then, again, you have the 25 days between billing cycles to do that. This can be helpful if you know the date of your billing cycle as you can determine from that when you need to pay the bill in order to fulfill the “pay in full” requirement.

The time between billing cycles is sometimes referred to as a “grace period”. This is basically how much time you have to make a payment. Remember, however, that the grace period countdown starts from the last date of the billing cycle, not from the day you received the bill.

It may be possible to have the billing cycle changed. If you have made timely payments and have a good credit and payment history, you may be able to request a longer billing cycle.

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