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How Do I Redeem Points With My Chase Sapphire Card?

By Taryn Estrada / February 18, 2021

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Q: Over the years, I’ve accumulated a ton of points with my Chase Sapphire card. How do I collect?

A: You can redeem your points in a number of ways. You can log on to the official Chase rewards website and enter your account login information. Once your identity has been confirmed and you are given access to your account, on-screen prompts will help you through the points redemption process. You can also call 1-800-432-3117. This will put you in touch with Customer Service. A representative will then assist you in redeeming your Chase Sapphire Card points.

You also have several options of what you redeem those points for. You can pay yourself back (literally) by opting to have the cash value of the points to go towards your statement. For example, if you have 2,000 points (the amount at which you can begin redeeming) you can receive a $20 credit on your statement.

Remember, you must make the purchase first, and charge it to the card. Then, once it shows up on the statement, you can follow the redemption process and have the cash value for the number of points you have applied to your statement balance.

You can also get cold, hard cash (well, it’s actually a check) sent back to you, to do anything with you please. Again, 2,000 points is the minimum you can have before you can start redeeming points, but that amount of points will get you $20. 5,000 points get you $50; 10,000 points get you $100; and 50,000 points get you $500.

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