Credit Score Required To Be Approved For Chase Freedom Credit Cards?

What’s The Chase Credit Score I Need To Be Approved?

There are many reasons why Chase may check your credit report and score before approving you for one of their Chase Freedom credit cards. One reason might be because the company wants to make sure you would be able to make your monthly payment. If you are already having trouble making payments on time (which shows up on your credit report and affects your credit score), you probably don’t need another payment.
Another reason Chase may find out your credit score is so they can offer you the best deal. Depending on your credit score, you may be eligible for an interest rate as low as 12.99% (the highest rate is 22.99%.) The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate could be.
If your credit score is between 685 and 738, this is high enough for Chase to consider approval for Freedom credit cards. However, you should remember that Chase will take other things into consideration, such as income information, how long you have been employed and other factors, as part of the approval process.
If you’re approved for a Chase Freedom credit card, but the interest rate is closer to 22.99% than 12.99%, work on improving your credit score. Once you have done so, you can request being considered for a lower interest rate.

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