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Credit Score for Amazon Credit Card?

By Kaitlin T / March 17, 2016
what credit score do i need to be approved for an amazon credit card


Q: I was thinking about applying for the Amazon credit card, but my credit score isn’t excellent. What is the minimum score required to be approved for this card? A: There are several Amazon credit cards available, but for the Amazon Store Card, your credit doesn’t need to be excellent. Amazon, like most credit card issuers, doesn’t share all of its requirements for qualification, probably because they change from time to time based on whatever is profitable at the moment.

With this said, several customers with credit scores in the low 600s, and even one with a score in the upper 500s, have recently managed to get approved for Amazon store credit cards. As long as your score is in the “fair” range, you don’t have any major black marks on your credit report (like a bankruptcy), and you have income coming in, you should be able to score their store card. The “fair” range changes depending on who you ask, but it’s around 640-680. This isn’t an elite card, so don’t be afraid to try if you’re near this mark.

You should always beware of high interest rate credit cards and the Amazon store credit card does have a high APR. Like most store cards, the interest rate for Amazon’s card is around 25.99%. This is not the kind of card that you want to keep paying off for years. They do offer some financing offers where you don’t have to pay interest if you pay off the purchase within 6 or 12 months, but don’t be late or you’ll have to pay interest from the beginning of the promotional period, not the end of it.

Looking for the Amazon Rewards Credit Card?

There’s also an Amazon Rewards Visa cash back card (read our review here) that is issued by Chase, though you need to sign up on Amazon’s site. This card requires credit scores in the “good” range (around 660 – 720). But with it, you do get the opportunity to earn 3% cash back rewards that you can apply to your Amazon.com purchases as the rewards are earned. (They just recently added the option to to apply your rewards as a payment method at checkout.) 

Looking for a Credit Card with Poor Credit?

If you currently have only limited, poor, or average credit, and are looking for a real credit card, we currently recommend the Milestone® Gold Mastercard® instead of the Amazon.com Card. This is because the Milestone® Gold Mastercard® allows you to see if you’re pre-qualified before you apply for the card – so you don’t have to risk having your credit pulled, only to be denied a card. The Milestone® card is a Mastercard® which means that it can still be used on Amazon and at millions of merchants around the world. And your application will be considered even if you have a prior bankruptcy. [#milestone#]

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