Credit Card That Gives Discounts for QVC?

Q: I frequently shop using QVC and I was wondering, is there a credit card that gives discounts when you shop with QVC?

A: QVC has its own credit card called the QCard. You don’t get rewards points, but QCard holders get sneak peeks and special promotions that regular QVC customers don’t get. This isn’t a card you’ll want to carry a balance on, though. The interest rate is high, currently 24.99%. The QCard has a couple of nice perks, but you may be better off using a regular rewards card with a lower interest rate.

QVC is also part of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall. This includes cards like Chase Freedom and Sapphire, as well as Chase’s business line. You can earn three points per dollar by shopping at through the Ultimate Rewards Mall. You can then use these points to purchase cash back, gift cards, or whatever else you like.


ShopDiscover, Discover’s rewards program offered through cards like Discover More, offers an even better QVC discount: 5% cashback. This works the same way as Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall. You log into your account, visit the ShopDiscover section, then click the QVC link and shop on the website. Your cashback rewards will post to your account within a few weeks, and you can then choose which rewards you want to receive. All of Discover’s rewards cards, including Discover More, can use ShopDiscover.


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