Comparison Shop for Personal Loans with Even Financial

Comparison Shop for Personal Loans With EVEN Financial

CreditShout readers responded well to our reviews of online installment loan lenders. But they found the process of filling out multiple applications to be tiresome. They wanted to fill out just one application and be able to comparison shop for personal loans.

Originally, our guide to finding a personal loan advised you to stay away from these common loan applications. This is because our research found that most of the “lead aggregators” turned up in a Google search were not really sending your information to leading personal loan lenders. Instead, your information was being sent to payday lenders.

Worse, some customers of these lead generation services complained that they were victims of identity theft, subject to harassing phone calls, and generally unable to find an affordable loan.

Understanding the needs of our readers, we worked hard to identify a safe and trustworthy service that lets you fill out one application and receive and compare multiple personal loan offers.

That service is EVEN Financial!

You can fill out there application form below and let them find the lender that is the best fit for you. Or read on to learn more about this great service.

Comparison Shopping with EVEN Financial

Even Financial is a great service if you want to fill out just one application and be able to find the right loan at the best rate:

  • ​Increase your opportunities of being approved for a personal loan.
  • Work with high quality lenders like SoFi and LightStream.
  • Compare multiple lenders to find the lowest interest rate.
  • Know that your personal information will remain safe and secure.
  • There is no extra cost to you!

How EVEN’s Loan Application Works

We know that not every online lender will be right for you.

There are hundreds of lenders who want to offer you money, and EVEN strives to ensure that you will have a clear understanding of your options and an easy way to find the best products available to you. And, best of all, it’s FREE for you to use.

​When EVEN Financial finds you a personal loan to refinance your credit card debt, you can repay those high-interest balances all at once – and get a single monthly payment that often has better rates and better terms.

By submitting your information using EVEN’s form, you will receive a “prequalified rate.”

This rate is determined by the information you provided, and is the exact rate at which a lender will give you a loan.

If you get a prequalified rate, the next step will take you directly to the lender site to complete the last parts of your application. This will be short and easy.

If you did not receive an exact prequalified rate, don’t worry! This just means that the lenders that are most appropriate for your situation do not have that technical capability. Rest assured that EVEN still matched you with the most likely lender to qualify you, and EVEN will only show those options to you.

When you click on one of those options, you will complete the application on the lender site, but you can be confident that it will be a great choice for your needs.

And one thing you can be sure of is that you won’t receive lots of phone calls from lenders. EVEN Financial will not sell your personal information to multiple lenders. They are only trying to find you the right loan at the right rate.​​

What if I have Poor Credit?

EVEN Financial is able to match you with a personal loan at competitive rates regardless of whether you have poor credit, average credit, or good to great credit.

Don’t know your credit score? Click here to find resources for free scores and reports.

As a reminder, we characterize credit on the following scale:

  • ​Excellent Credit: 730 – 850
  • Good Credit: 700 – 730
  • Average Credit: 650 – 700
  • Fair/Limited/Poor Credit: 600 – 650
  • Bad Credit: Less Than 600
Looking at EVEN Financials average rate tool, we see that consumers with credit scores in what we consider the fair/limited/poor range of 600-639 are getting approved for loans with rates averaging under 20% APR.
Try getting that from a credit card issuer!

And even most of the lenders we review will not issue loans if your credit score is that low. And, if they do, your APR cost will be 36% or more.

Getting Started

If you are ready to safely and securely find and compare personal loan lenders tailored to you, just complete the EVEN Financial form below. But, if EVEN Financial is not for you, you can quickly compare our recommended online lending on this page.

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