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Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Whether you are looking for a new balance transfer card, or want to know the basics, this article is right for you.

Balance transfer credit cards have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to the fact that they can be a great way to reduce your credit card debt if used correctly.

The idea behind using a 0% balance transfer credit card is pretty simple. You can transfer your balance of an existing credit card to a balance transfer card and go interest free on that balance for up to 12 months [Editor’s Note: sometimes longer!].

This works especially well if you have thousands of dollars in debt on a card, and are paying hundreds on interest every month, if you transfer the balance to a 0% balance transfer card there will be no new interest on your balance for up to 12 months. And this works for any amount, since anything you save in interest is going to help you to pay down the principle.

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How Do I Get Started?

There are quite a few balance transfer credit cards out there, so to get started it’s important to find the right card. Below we have selected our top choices for this month. They are cards that have a 0% APR on balance transfers for at least 6 months, and a low transfer fee. Once you find a card that works for you, apply and once your new account is opened then you will be able to do a balance transfer.

To increase your chance of being accepted for a balance transfer credit card DO NOT choose to do a balance transfer when you first apply for the card. Most card companies will give you up to 2 months to transfer your existing balances over after the new account is opened.

Balance Transfer Fees

One Note Before You Proceed: Most cards will charge a balance transfer fee equal to 3% of the transferred amount, even when offering an introductory zero percent financing period.

But we did find a couple transfer offers that come without that fee!​

If you are looking at a card not on our list and it has a 5% transfer fee, our advice is to run away.​

Top No Fee Balance Transfer Offers

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Long Duration Balance Transfer Offers

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If our top recommended card of 2017 has a balance transfer offer, we need to include it on this list. So you can earn the most rewards points and save on existing balances.

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Additional Balance Transfer Resources

Having a tough time deciding which Balance Transfer card is right for you? Below are some additional resources that should help you to understand exactly what you should be looking for when choosing a card that is good for Balance Transfers.


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