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Using SpringCoin To Pay Down Credit Card Debt

By Kevin / May 21, 2012


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The following post is by Kevin Yu at SpringCoin.

When we think about credit cards, it’s a natural to have a negative reaction towards it. However, it’s almost necessary to use credit cards for some purchases. (hotels, car rentals, or airlines). One of the main benefits of having a credit card is the ability to build your credit and also to rebuild your credit.

Using credit cards is one of the fastest ways to build trust with lenders, but the problem surfaces when people don’t use credit responsibly.

If you’ve been buried in debt, you already realized how tough it was to climb out of the hole. Trust me; I’ve been in your shoes. The real question you should be asking yourself throughout the process is, “How will I prevent becoming a repeat offender?” This is where SpringCoin comes in.

So what exactly is SpringCoin?

SpringCoin is an automated debt relief coach that helps people get out of debt and increase their financial knowledge. We believe that financial literacy is just as important as getting out of debt. SpringCoin provides you a personalized “get out of debt roadmap” to help you figure out who to pay, when to pay, and how much to pay.

Along your journey, we’ll provide you weekly goals, challenges, and quizzes to accelerate your get out of debt process. Our goal is to make you more financially literate once you finally paid off your last credit card.

Here are some great features with SpringCoin:

Weekly Goals: SpringCoin provides (3) weekly goals for you designed to help you pay off your debts even faster. By completing each task, you can earn reward points that you can enter into raffles for prizes or cash!

Bird’s Eye View of Account Balances: If you’ve used Mint before, it’s great to see an overview of all your account balances without logging into each account. You can connect your credit cards with SpringCoin to get an up to date balance for each credit card.

Budgeting Tool: SpringCoin will generate a recommended monthly budget for you. Of course you can change your budget if you wanted to, but they’ll keep track of your spending for you.

Bill Reminder: Not only can you connect your credit cards, but you can also connect your utility, phone/cable, or student loan bills. They’ll send you upcoming reminders of any bills that are due so you don’t incur any late fees.

Personalized Roadmap: Lastly and certainly not least, SpringCoin gives you a debt free roadmap to help you pay down your debts as fast as possible. You can track your progress and change your monthly payment amount as well.

I’ve been in your shoes before, so I know what it’s like to take the very first step. That’s why SpringCoin teamed up with CreditShout to give its readers a free lifetime account for anyone who registers an account in the month of May.

Pay off debt, get rewarded, and use credit responsibly.

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