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How to Choose a Reputable Credit Repair Service

By Kevin / October 21, 2016
How to Choose a Reputable Credit Repair Service


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When items need to be disputed and removed from your credit report in an effort to repair your credit file, it can be a time consuming job.

Many consumers that attempt to repair their own credit file give up before seeing the outcome because they either do not understand the process or get impatient for the desired results. Challenging such troublesome credit issues as tax liens and collection charges may be frustrating and choosing a reputable credit repair service may be the best option for these difficult scenarios.

Deciding which credit repair service to choose that is reputable and worthy can be a complicated task since there are many scams and misinformation that are being passed around, especially on the internet.

If you are thinking of paying a credit repair agency for repair services, make sure that you know that you are dealing with a reputable company by doing extensive research and following the suggested tips below.

Things to research before choosing:

Do an internet search for the company name to see what you find. There are many websites online also that tell of known scams and scam artists. Try entering the name of the company and adding the word “scam” to your search and look for anything that comes up. This can give you an idea of the company’s reputation.

Look up the Better Business Bureau in the state in which the company operates. Any claims that have been filed concerning the company can be another good indicator of whether or not they are legitimate and reputable.

Check to see the length of time that the credit repair company has been operating. Be leery of companies that have been in business for just a short period of time, as they may not last long. Longer time in business would also mean more experience with credit repair.

Read their company mission statement and privacy policy, as well as any confidentiality rules for your protection. The last thing that you need after repairing your credit is having other companies soliciting further offers to you.

Before you sign any type of contract make sure that you are aware of all fees that will be charged and by no means should you be required to pay any money before the contract is signed.

Don’t believe any of these false claims

Some of the more blatantly false claims that organizations will sometimes try to make you believe are listed below. Note that absolutely none of them have any truth to them. They may seem far-fetched and quite unreal; however, these are actual lines that have been used by the unscrupulous and dishonest companies.

  • We have an inside connection with the credit bureaus.
  • You can get a brand new, clean credit report by obtaining an employer ID number.
  • Here is our company number that will give you all of the pertinent information; 1-900-blah-blah.
  • If you can pay us upfront it will expedite the process of repairing your credit.
  • It is best to just dispute every account while you are in the process of disputing items.
  • Do not contact the credit bureaus yourself because we know their language and you may spoil the deal that we are making for you.

The bottom line when choosing a reputable credit repair service is to do your research, ask for references and use your common sense. There are no inside connections with the credit bureaus and no magical formulas that will remove items from your credit report. Reputable credit repair services should primarily offer confidentiality and experience. The right credit repair service will legally guide you in disputing and adequately repair credit issues to improve your credit file.

Our Recommended Service

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