how do i check my chase credit card balance online?

How Do I Check My Chase Credit Card Balance Online?

Q: I’m pretty sure I can check my Chase credit card balance online, but I have no idea how to do this. Help!
A: Checking your Chase credit card balance online is easy to do. All you have to do is log in to your Chase credit card account, which can be accessed here. It will show your balance on the home page under My Account. If you have a Chase credit card but don’t yet have an account on their website, you can enroll here. You will need your personal and account information, such as your account number and social security number.
Other information you can find in your Chase account includes when your next payment is due, how much is due, your recent credit card statements, and your credit limit. These can all be found under the My Account tab. You can set up an automatic payment or pay your minimum payment under Payments & Transfers, or dispute a charge in the Customer Center.
If you have trouble finding something, try browsing the FAQ before contacting customer service. Customer service for credit cards is notoriously bad, and many of your questions can be answered a lot quicker by looking through the FAQ here.
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