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The Wonderful World of Bad Credit Credit Cards

How to get a credit card even with bad credit


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Bad Credit Credit Cards is a term that I am not sure is politically correct.   However roughly fifty thousand people per month search that specific term so we think it is a topic worth addressing.
OK, so you have bad credit. It’s definitely not the end of the world and no, you don’t have to just live with it, although plenty of people still believe that they do. You can improve your credit and even get credit cards if you just know how to do it. Having credit cards is not a luxury that only people with excellent credit get to enjoy. Credit cards are for everybody and we’re going to show you how to get the best Bad Credit Credit Cards available today.

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Know your credit score

For starters, you need to know what your credit score actually is and what’s on your credit reports. You can review your free score at where you can start learning all of the most effective methods for improving your credit score, mastering your credit card rewards, and eliminating your debt. You’ll find a wealth of user-friendly easy-to-understand info on this site to help you with knowing everything you need to know in the world of personal finance. You can even find out how to protect your identity, which will become more and more important to you as your credit score increases exponentially. This is a site that can help you to control your credit rather than letting it control you.

Improve your credit score

These days, many companies may claim to be able to fix your credit for a price. While some are well worth the fee, others can be pricey and you may want to attempt to solve credit issues yourself, before shelling out for this service. But, what you really need to know is that you can fix your credit yourself via the dispute process. Throughout this site, you will find everything you need to know about credit scores, credit reports, and the how to fix them.
There is a sample dispute letter you can use to dispute the items on your credit reports, basic process to ensure your disputes are in the queue and progressing towards resolution, as well as how to pick a credit repair firm if you really don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself. You can also learn all there is to know about improving and rebuilding your credit and eliminating debt.

Bad Credit Credit Cards

Did you know that you can improve your credit by getting and using Bad Credit Credit Cards? The companies that issue them report to the credit bureaus just like other companies do. That means that when you get those Bad Credit Credit Cards, use them, and make your payments on-time, you are improving your credit. Since Bad Credit Credit Cards are specifically designed for individuals with poor credit, they usually don’t offer rewards programs, low-interest rates, or other types of special premium benefits that you can get with other cards. But, they are accepted everywhere that other credit cards are and many of them are offering low annual fees or even none at all.

Milestone Gold Mastercard (Link to review)
Let’s take the Milestone Card for example. They offer a credit card that is available to people who are working on rebuilding their credit. You can quickly and easily pre-qualify for the Milestone card with no effect on your credit score whatsoever. All you have to do is fill out their pre-qualification form and they will make a determination regarding your pre-qualification. The beauty of Milestone Card pre-qualification is that they will actually help you with applying for a credit card from another provider if they are unable to provide a match to their Milestone card. So, pre-qual is definitely a win-win and it only takes a couple of minutes.  Please see our Review

Other Major Pre-Qual Credit Card Issuers
In addition to the Milestone Card,  we recommend using the Cardmatch Tool to review requirements for all the major credit card issuers including:
American Express
Bank of America
US Bank

So, go ahead and pre qualify or review the Cardmatch tool because it won’t create a hard pull that will affect your credit score,  and you just might qualify.  Otherwise, continue to monitor your credit via and use  your so called Bad Credit Credit Cards and then apply for pre-qualification. Either way, you’ll soon be getting that happy feeling of getting credit cards in the mail.

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