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Wired Plastic Debit Card Review

By Dawn Allcot / August 26, 2010


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Verdict: It took some hunting just to find the official website to apply for the Wired Plastic Debit Visa Card, issued by Bancorp. But poor SEO rankings do not necessarily indicate a bad credit or debit card.

Fees for nearly every action, (including customer service calls after the first two per month), a very limited rewards program, and bad consumer reviews of the card, raised several red flags in my mind while I researched this review. I’d recommend a secured credit card like the Orchard Bank MasterCard for anyone looking to establish credit or who wants the convenience of making purchases with a credit card.

If you’re looking for a pre-paid debit card, the Rush Card seems to have a slightly better plan than the Wired Plastic debit card.

How this card works: The Wired Plastic debit card is a pre-paid debit card. Load money onto the card in a number of ways, and then use it as a debit or credit card anywhere that accepts Visa. It’s free to load money in the following ways:

  • Direct deposit
  • Bank ACH Transfer
  • Paypal

You can also load money in the following ways for a fee:

    • Payzone
    • Western Union
    • MoneyGram
    • Bank wire transfer

If you need cash, you can withdraw money through a bank teller or an ATM machine for a small fee.

You can also pay your bills online using the Wired Plastic prepaid debit Visa, for a very low per-transaction fee. This makes the card desirable to people who can’t get a bank account.

It’s important to note: The Wired pre-paid debit Visa does not report to the three major credit reporting bureaus and using it does nothing for your credit score. It’s just a convenient way to carry, transfer and spend money.

If you want a secured credit card that will help you improve your credit rating or build a credit history, look into the Orchard Bank Secured Mastercard, a great card for people with poor credit.

Rewards: The Wired Visa debit card does offer modest rewards, a feature that sets it apart from many other pre-paid debit cards. You’ll receive 1 Wired point for each dollar you spend from the card.

You can redeem points for minutes with prepaid cell phone providers:

Fees: Like many pre-paid debit cards, many fees are associated with the Wired Plastic pre-paid debit card. The following may not be a complete list. Check the website for complete details.

General Fees:

      • Activation Fee: 9.95
      • Monthly Fee: $3.95

Transaction Fees:

  • Domestic PIN transaction fee: 95 cents
  • PIN Transaction Decline Fee: 45 cents
  • Bank teller cash advance fee: $4.95
  • U.S. ATM withdrawal fee: $1.95
  • U.S. ATM balance inquiry fee: 95 cents
  • U.S. ATM decline fee: 95 cents

Bill Pay Fees:

  • Click-n-Pay Electronic Payment Fee: 45 cents each
  • Click-n-Pay Paper Check Fee: 95 cents each


  • Free access to your account by phone
  • Free SMS/Email alerts
  • Free online account access
  • Two free live agent customer service calls per month (95 cents per call after that)


  • Offers a convenient, easy way to transfer and spend money
  • Easy online bill-pay with a low per transaction fee
  • Free access to your account via phone or Internet
  • No fees for non-use
  • Earn free prepaid wireless airtime with select cell phone providers


  • Fees for nearly every transaction
  • Will not help you build your credit history or raise your credit score
  • Charge for customer service calls
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