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The Secret Behind Transferring Credit Card Points, Part 2

By Dawn Allcot / October 8, 2010


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Yesterday, we explored how to transfer credit card points to another cardholder or redeem credit card points for someone else.

Now, let’s look at how to consolidate credit card points between your own accounts so you can cash in your points for big-ticket rewards such as full vacation packages or pricey airlines tickets.

It’s actually easier to transfer points between credit cards held by the same person than it is to transfer (or sell) points to someone else. Policies do vary between credit card issuers, so call your credit card company if you have any questions.

Here are three ways to transfer rewards points between your own credit cards.

1. Transfer points from one credit card to another issued by the same company.

If you have two American Express Rewards cards, your points are already consolidated into one rewards account so you can redeem points for all your cards together for the same trip, merchandise, special experience or cash back. The same goes for Citi’s ThankYou points program and now, Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program. This also applies for two cardholders on the same account. Essentially, when it comes to redeeming rewards, multiple credit cards from the same credit card issuer are considered part of the same rewards account. That makes it easy, doesn’t it?

2. Look for partner programs.

American Airlines and HHilton Honors are in a partnership which allows you to convert American Airlines frequent flier miles into Hilton HHonors points. Seeking out relationships like this will let you consolidate points from different cards without losing too much in the exchange. Minimum and maximum points you can transfer may apply. offers a comprehensive list of frequent flier programs and hotel, rental car and credit card rewards partnerships. Spend some time searching for the best offers and you can really profit from all those points you thought you’d never use.

3. Use a Third-Party Reward Program Website.

Websites like and AmTrak Guest Rewards let you consolidate and share your rewards points between a number of accounts. AmTrak does this through partnerships with other travel rewards programs and credit cards. AmTrak Guest Rewards also lets you share points with any other member. while also includes ways to “trade” points with other members for a fee. If you have a lot of different rewards credit cards and frequent flier cards, these websites are a good way to keep track of all your points and also consolidate them into rewards that you can really use.

If you have several different credit cards and rewards cards, each with only a few points on them, it will take a little bit of legwork, some good math skills and Internet research to consolidate them all onto one card so you can cash in for decent rewards, but it can be done.

Careful planning when you use your rewards credit cards can also help you make sure you have the points on the card you need, when you need them.

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