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How to Shop and Save Money

By Kevin / November 21, 2016
How to Shop and Save Money Any Time of the Year


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The holidays are here. Which means lots of deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But I want to get the best prices every day. And here is how I shop and save money - and ensure I always pay the best price.

Finding the Best Price

We have been conditioned to believe that the best prices are generally available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

​In fact, some people put off making large purchases until the big holiday sales hit. They assume that they need to wait to get the best deals.

​This is not always true.

In fact, I've notice that most retailers just recycle the same deals over and over every year.

Or they only make limited quantities available. Leaving you to come back at another time to get the sales price.

The fact is, I do not like to play those games. But I do love to spend less on the same products I would buy anyway.

And here are my top tips to always find the best price.

There is No Need to Wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Like shopping online? Well discounts are available starting November 1st. And run until after New Years Day. (Think of all those returns.)

It turns out the best discounts are not always available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

So when you see a good price, grab it.

Also, later I am going to show you how to make sure you will get the best price, even if you missed the best sale by a few days.

Use Your Phone to Shop Around

Not sure if you are getting the best price?

After all, retailers have an annoying habit of marking stuff up before putting it on sale. So that 20% off really is only 5% or 10% less than what you can normally get it for any day of the week.

So I make sure to always double check the price I am getting.

Step number one is to search Amazon.

(If you are in a store, use the Amazon app . It has a cool feature. Just click the camera at the top next to the search bar. And it will search Amazon for similar items. Or scan the SKU, and Amazon will pull up the exact product.)

But this is only a guide as to a reasonable price. We all know that Amazon is often more about convenience than the best price.

So if Amazon leads you to believe the offered price is good, spot check it with Google Shopping or Slickdeals. (Feel free to use PriceGrabber instead.)

If you like the price, buy with confidence.

Back Stop Your Purchases With a Credit Card

One of the great perks of having a good credit card is price protection.

Price protection is one of those little benefits hidden in the credit card fine print.

With price protection, if you see a recent purchase advertised for less within 60 days of purchase, your card issuer will refund you the difference. You just need to provide a copy of an ad from a retail store.

There are usually some limitations involved in price protection, such as:

  • Card issuer may limit how far back in time your purchase can be made - which is usually other 30 or 60 days before the new sales price is published.
  • It may not apply to internet only sales.
  • Your card issue may limit your claims to something like $500 per item, and up to $2,000 per year.

So not only can you jump the gun on the best sale of the season and still get the price matched, your card may also provide you with an extended warranty and accident protection.

To learn more about great credit card perks, check out the Top 11 Hidden Benefits of Using Credit Cards.

Avoid Shopping and Saving Addictions

Now that you are armed with knowledge on how to always ensure you are getting the best price, you may feel like a shopping super here.

Don't let it go to your head.

Yes, I definitely encourage you to try to always get the best price.

After all, if you save 10% to 40% (or more!!!) on lots of big purchases, that is real money back in your pocket.

The thing to remember is not to re-spend all those savings. If that happens​, you just run the risk of running up credit card debt. 

And I'm trying to save you money. Not cost you money.​

So please use these powers responsible. And feel free to pass them on as well.​

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