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Saving Money and Your Credit Status by Cutting the Extravagance

By Kevin / January 3, 2009


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Many of the people in our society today have a varied opinion of what constitutes an extravagance, in comparison to what is a necessity. That is one of the reasons that more and more people are finding themselves in credit trouble and even bankruptcy. Although, it really isnít their fault solely; it is the way that our society tends to judge one another. Everyone thinks that they have to buy the best things to impress their neighbors, friends and family, sort of like keeping up with the Joneses.

What they fail to realize is that some of the things that they place value in and regard as a necessity, really does not qualify as something that is truly essential. Many people carry credit cards that are maxed out because of this thought and use them quickly to make purchases of these things. This can be very damaging to their credit history and their future opportunity to obtain credit.

Is it a Necessity or Luxury?

Recent studies that have been done by the Pew Research Center have found that some of the things that society had previously deemed to be an extravagance now are finding them more of a necessity. The Pew Research Center conducts continuous polls and surveys that analyze similarities and differences among Americans concerning health, family, community, work, finance and leisure. They are known as a fact tank because of the amount of information that they gather pertaining to the attitudes and behaviors of Americans.

One survey that has been recently taken is the one that asks consumers which of the everyday products are considered to be necessities or luxuries. One example of changing attitudes is the findings on cell phones, home computers and flat screen TVís. The increasing cell phone trend and also the home computer have now become necessities in the minds of our society, whereas previously they would have been thought of as simply a luxury. That tells how different things have come to be in the hustle bustle life that most of us have today.

Having all the things that you want and trying to keep up with your friends with material possessions isnít always a bad thing, if you have the monetary means to do so. This is where an issue comes in when utilizing credit cards and credit lines to procure unnecessary goods. When your credit cards are used to buy luxuries, it is essentially spending unwisely and much money can be saved with some self discipline.

Is It Really Something That Is Necessary?

Before making your next purchase, ask yourself if it is truly necessary and needed. If it is not, then you can save money and your credit status by saying no. Another example of something that people tend to think of as a necessity is a dishwasher. The fact of the matter is that you can wash dishes by hand, even though it may be more time consuming. As well, a flat screen TV would be beautiful and extremely nice to own, but again, your favorite television show can be also watched on a less expensive TV set.

Making wise decisions when purchasing such things as cell phones, flat screen TVs, iPods and home theater systems can protect your credit ratings and your credit cards. Saving money is also a major benefit in realizing the difference between what is a necessity and what is just a luxury. Some things are really not worth ruining your credit history over and it is up to you to make an informed and wise decision.

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