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Save Money on Entertainment with Credit Cards

By Kevin / July 18, 2009
Save Money on Entertainment with Credit Cards


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The following is a guest post from Satellite TV Guru. Satellite TV Guru covers Dish Network news and information, as well as general satellite TV and entertainment news.

Over the last few years entertainment has quickly become more expensive then ever. With the cost of a single movie ticket approaching $11, a family of four can now buy 2 or 3 movies on DVD or Blu-ray for the same price as it costs to see one movie in the theater. The fact that entertainment is more expensive than ever also means that now Americans are spending more than ever on entertainment.

If your family is looking to cut down on their entertainment costs, an unlikely first place to look would be at your credit card use. However by using the right cards you can actually cut many of your costs by up to 20% just by knowing which cards and card holder opportunities to take advantage of.

The first way to save money on entertainment with credit cards is by using a cash back credit cards such as the Discover More Card. The Discover More Card gives you 5% cash back on specific categories that change throughout the year. During the months of October–December 2009 the Discover More Card offers 5% cash back on purchases at Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and Movies. This means that when you buy your movie tickets or concessions using your More card you will get 5% of the money you spend back. Although this might not sound like much, over time the cash you receive back really begins to ad up.

The second way to save by using credit cards is by taking advantage of the ShopDiscover online store. If your a Discover Card holder, ShopDiscover allows you to save up 5% – 20% on all of your entertainment purchases (DVD’s, Blu-Ray Movies, LCD and Plasma TV’s etc..) through their online retail partners. Stores that are partnered with Discover for ShopDiscover include Best Buy, Sears, The Apple Store, iTunes, and Sony Style. This is probably one of the easiest ways to cut down on entertainment costs almost immediately. You can find a full list of the stores available with the ShopDiscover program here.

The third way to save money on entertainment actually goes along with those cash back rewards you earned in step one. Instead of redeeming your cash back rewards for cash, you can earn an additional 5% – 25% back by redeeming them for gift certificates to over 100 brand-name stores including BlockBuster, Fandango, Sony, Borders Books, and many more. Although this may seem complicated at first, it’s actually pretty simple. You just log into your Discover account online and can see a list of gift certificates that are available to claim.

Although there are many frugal practices that can aid in cutting down your entertainment costs, using credit cards is a great option as long as you use them responsibly and pay of your balance in full every month. I used Discover Card for most of my examples, however you’ll find that many credit card companies have similar rewards programs that will allow you to save. This is why you should always read the fine print, because sometimes it can really pay off.

If your looking to sign up for the Discover More card, you may want to check out the Discover More $50 Cash Back Bonus.

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