Purchasing a Car With an American Express Credit Card

A few weeks ago I wrote a post outlining how you can save money by using a rewards credit card pay for your next car. One of the problems with using a credit card to buy a car is that many dealers limit the amount you can put on a card to around $5,000. This is because of the massive fees the dealer ends up paying the card company because of the size of the transaction.
If you’re an AMEX card holder living around the New York Tri State Area or Houston TX you may be in luck. American Express has partnered with select dealers in these two areas to allow you to pay for the full purchase price of your car on select American Express cards. You can still negotiate the car price, and there are no additional fees if you opt to use your card.


I have included a list of the participating dealers below. Each dealer may have multiple franchises (BMW, Honda, Toyota, etc.).
Participating New York Dealers:

  • Ditschman Flemington
  • Jack Daniels Motors
  • Prestige Motors

Participating Houston Dealers:

  • Gillman Motors

Even if your current credit limit isn’t high enough to cover the full cost of the car, it looks like American Express approves these purchases on a case by case basis. I don’t recommend financing your new car with a credit card (that’s what auto loans are for). However if you’re going to pay in cash, you might as well put it on a rewards card, pay the card balance off the same month, and get a free vacation out of it.

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