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PageOnce Review: Stay on Top of Your Credit Cards With This Innovative App

By Christine Layton / January 8, 2013
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Reader Question: I have an American Express, Discover, Citi, and Capital One credit card, and keeping track of them all is getting to be a problem. I know that there are a few apps that help manage your bills, and was wondering if you had any recommendations?

Great question! Also great timing because we have been working on a review for a service that just might help you. PageOnce is an innovative service that helps you keep track of everything from your cell phone minutes to your credit card accounts and bank balances, all from one place.

Along with their online version, you can also download an app for your Android or iPhone and manage all of your accounts at once, even paying bills directly through their service if you want. We found that Pageonce is currently the only account manager that lets you make transactions and payments directly with support for nearly any provider.

PageOnce Features and Benefits

This is what you will get with PageOnce:

  • Instantly see the status of all of your credit cards
  • Pay bills with PageOnce to avoid late fees and interest ($0.30 per payment)
  • Get real-time notifications when there’s suspicious activity or you go over your limit
  • Real-time reminders for due dates, overage charges and late fees
  • See your available credit, minimum payments, payment due dates, APR and bills in one place
  • PageOnce supports most credit card companies, including AmEx, Bank of America, Capital One, Orchard, USAA, US Bank and more
  • Access your PageOnce account on your computer, iPhone, Android phone or iPad
  • PageOnce uses bank-level security so your information is safe

Using PageOnce to manage your credit card accounts lets you see the big picture by putting everything into one place, neatly organized. At a glance, you can view your current balance, your available credit on each card, the minimum due for the month, when a new bill is available to view, all of your due dates and the APRs for each credit card.

So, how does this help? By viewing all of your account details at once, you’re better informed to make financial decisions and you’ll stay on top of your due dates without pinning statements to your fridge.

You can also pinpoint exactly which credit cards are costing you the most money in interest charges to make a plan to get rid of debt.

How PageOnce Can Protect You

This service can also be used to monitor your credit card activity against fraudulent activity or improper reporting, or just help you avoid late fees and interest with notifications.

PageOnce will send these notifications to keep you on top of the situation:

  • Late fee notification
  • High number of transactions in a single day
  • Summary and details of your transactions
  • A change in your credit limit
  • Your credit card limit is exceeded

Yes, There Are Downsides…

Nothing is perfect. And these are the negatives of PageOnce:

  • While the alerts are customizable, they can be a bit overwhelming and come too frequently – Personally, I found this to be the biggest problem with the service. I don’t need to be notified every week that one of my cards has a high APR.
  • The $0.30 fee to pay your credit card bill.
  • Editing accounts, once added, can be time-consuming.
  • A few consumers report PageOnce deducting funds from their account but failing to actually pay the company.
  • Some consumers also report problems with customer service resolving issues, including payments not going through, lost passwords and technical problems.
  • Bill Pay still isn’t available for every company or service.

Our Verdict

We find the PageOnce service to be an easy and free way to stay on top of your credit cards, whether you’re worried about paying everything on time or watching out for fraudulent use of your credit cards.

While they charge a fee if you pay your bills through their service, it may be worth it if you’re worried about late payments and you have trouble remembering on your own. PageOnce is definitely worth a try to see if it works for you, although we hope the few issues they have will be addressed.

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