OfficeMax MaxPerks Rewards Card Review

Verdict: The OfficeMax MaxPerks rewards card offers some great discounts and incentives, with no limit to the rewards you earn. There is also a program for teachers that provides OfficeMax discount certificates after spending $75 on qualifying purchases for a classroom. This program is simple, straightforward and free, and offers 5% in discount rewards for your purchases. The cards are an eye-catching yellow or orange, which makes them easy to spot in your wallet or on your keychain.

If you spend more than $500 a year on office supplies at OfficeMax, there’s no good reason not to get this card. If I had an OfficeMax near me, this would easily become one of my favorite cards. It’s important to note that MaxPerks for Business is also for individuals.

Overview: I’ve come to the conclusion that someone is selling rewards cards lists; since I’ve started signing up for store rewards cards, I’m getting fliers in the mail offering me more rewards cards. It doesn’t bother me because it’s part of my job here at CreditShout, but it’s something to be aware of if you want to minimize junk mail to your home.

I recently got a flier for the Office Max store rewards card, MaxPerks. OfficeMax offers two different versions of their rewards card: MaxPerks for Business (and individuals, although it doesn’t say that), and MaxPerks for teachers. The card for teachers offers some additional benefits for qualifying classroom purchases; it makes sense for teachers to get both cards.

Let’s take a look at this easy-to-follow, no-gimmick rewards program.

How This Card Works: It doesn’t get any easier than this: earn a $25 OfficeMax reward every time you spend $500. (That’s 5% back in rewards for the math junkies.) There’s no limit to how many certificates you can earn. Your spending balance gets carried over from month to month. Rewards are re-set at the end of the calendar year, unless you signed up in October or later. Then you’ll get a whole additional calendar year to accrue points.

At the end of each month, OfficeMax reviews your account and if you have made $500 in purchases, you’ll get a rewards certificate sent electronically. You must log in to your MaxPerks account online and print your rewards. There’s no option to receive your MaxPerks rewards via regular mail, which is about the only negative I see to the program.

Looking for bonus opportunities? MaxPerks has those, too.

Earn a $3 MaxPerks reward for every HP, Dell or Lexmark ink or toner cartridge you recycle at OfficeMax, up to $60 in rewards (20 cartridges) per month. That’s a lot of ink for most individuals or small-to-midsize businesses, and makes for a nice discount off your next ink or toner purchase.

MaxPerks for Teachers Card: Teachers earn a $10 rewards coupon for every $75 they spend in qualifying classroom purchases, with a limit of $100 in rewards per calendar year. (That’s $750 worth of classroom supplies, which represents a lot of out-of-pocket spending for most teachers.)

Accounts are reviewed, and rewards issued, quarterly. Just like the MaxPerks for Business card, accounts are re-set in January, except if you obtained your card in October through December.


  • Easy, straightforward program
  • Earn 5% back in rewards
  • Spending rolls over from month to month, re-setting in January
  • Not a lot of rules or exceptions to remember
  • No limit to rewards you can earn on the MaxPerks Business card
  • MaxPerks for Teachers has a limit of $100 in rewards per year, representing $750 in purchases, which is quite high
  • Earn bonus rewards for recycling ink and toner cartridges


  • Must go online to access your rewards discounts
  • Points accrued expire annually


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