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New American Express Platinum Card Travel Benefits


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Need to fly across the country this year to visit friends and family members during the holidays? If you own an American Express Platinum Club credit card, you’ll be able to take advantage of three newly introduced travel benefits as you wing your air across the United States.

The card’s suite of travel benefits now includes a $200 airline fee credit, 20 percent travel bonus and a new mobile travel app that the owners of smart phones can access to make their travel plans flow more smoothly. American Express introduced these benefits this December for Platinum Card members.

Small Business Owners: Be sure to read our American Express Business Platinum Card review before applying.

This is actually quite a nice holiday present on the part of American Express. Here’s a closer look at the three new benefits:

Airline Fee Credit: Travelers know that flying comes with a host of extra fees today. You have to pay to check your bags, order an in-flight meal or gain access to your airline’s airport lounge. The new airline fee credit that comes with the American Express Platinum credit card, though, eases the pain of all these fees.

By using your card, you can charge up to $200 a year in bag-check, in-flight-meal, lounge-access and other fees. American Express will then credit these fees back to your account.

20 Percent Travel Bonus: This feature promises to be even more valuable to travelers. When you use your card’s Membership Rewards Pay with Points feature to pay for some or all of your travel purchases, you’ll receive 20 percent of these points back into your account. For example, if you redeem 30,000 points to purchase an airline ticket, you’ll see 6,000 points pop back into your account.

You can redeem your points on airline flights, hotels, cruises and vacation packages to take advantage of the 20 percent bonus.

Travel App: If you own a smart phone, you might appreciate the new travel app that American Express has introduced for its Platinum Club members. The app, which takes a suite of programs from the popular TripIt Pro app, includes real-time flight updates, airport guides, a travel directory of commonly used numbers and an application to help travelers organize and share travel plans.

In a press release announcing these changes, American Express says that its free travel app is valued at $49 a year.

The three new benefits certainly won’t change your life. But they are nice features. And the fact that they’re coming for free — who couldn’t use something free during the hectic holiday shopping season? — makes them even impressive.

If you don’t have an American Express Business Platinum Card, you might consider applying. Be warned, though, that this is no card for the common consumer. The American Express Platinum Card comes with a host of benefits. And these benefits don’t come cheaply. As CreditShout mentioned in its positive review of this card, the Platinum card comes with a healthy $450 annual fee.

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