MasterCard Extended Warranty Claim: Am I Eligible?

MasterCard Extended Warranty Claim: Am I Eligible?

One feature many cards are offering lately is an extended warranty.  MasterCard’s extended warranty doubles the manufacturer’s warranty for items bought with your MasterCard, with a limit of 1 extra year.

Few people know about this unless they read the fine print in their Cardmember Agreement when they receive the card. But it can come in handy if you’re aware of it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to all cards, however, and not all purchases.

Here we address some important questions and concerns for MasterCard holders about their extended warranty.

Which Cards and Purchases are Eligible?

Generally this coverage only applies to the premium or “elite” cards. According to MasterCard, those with Titanium, Platinum, and World MasterCards are eligible for this purchase protection.

As newer cards come out, this coverage may apply to other cards as well, so if you want to check, you can either call MasterCard at 1-800-MC-ASSIST, or check your Cardmember Agreement.

If you have one of the eligible cards, you also must make sure the item in question is covered by the warranty.

The merchandise must be purchased new, and it must have a manufacturer or store warranty of 12 months or less. When it’s doubled, it can become up to 2 years of total warranty.

If the damage is due to natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or flooding, it isn’t covered.

Vehicles, pets, food, as well as real estate don’t count either. As previously mentioned, used items don’t qualify, including antiques.

You can view a full list of exclusions here.

How do I Use The Extended Warranty?

If you’re reading this because you want to use your extended warranty, you’re going to have to track down some paperwork.

Credit card statements can usually be accessed online, and hopefully you still have your receipt for the item in question. I

If you have an eligible MasterCard but haven’t run into a warranty issue yet, it’s a good idea to hang on to receipts and credit card statements so that you can prove you bought the item with your card if the time comes that you ever need to use it.

To use this extended warranty, call 1-800-MC-ASSIST within 30 days of when the problem occurred.

The original warranty must be expired, but the extended warranty cannot be, meaning that if your original warranty was for one year, the issue must have occurred between one and two years after you purchased the product.

When you call, MasterCard will ask for any related paperwork, including, but not necessarily limited to: receipts, credit card statements, a claim form, a repair estimate, and the original warranty.

Once you send in all of the documents they ask for, you should receive the refund or amount needed for a repair in a few weeks.

The Bottom Line

Extended warranties are definitely good to look out for whenever you open a new credit card account.

There are other nice perks that you may not have known about, too—some cards offer theft protection (up to a certain dollar amount) for items that were bought with your card, and some offer secondary insurance for rental cars, meaning that if your primary insurance company won’t cover something, your credit card issuer will.

Watch out for these perks and you may be able to save a bit of money.

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